Welcome to Juanads!!! #AMAJuanads Ask me anything people.......... Crowdfunding just for you! #AMA

Grant Anthony Ojena
Aug 11, 2017

WELCOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The No. 1 fastest growing Online Network Marketing and Advertising Company in the Philippines.
  • Perfect for everyone
  • Meet and greet people all over the world
  • Earn with us people!!!

Here is our link to ur page for you people : https://www.juanads.com

You can earn a lot by

Talk to me people!!!!!!  #AMA #JUANADSAMA

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We have a ton of crowdfunders here! You should really go through them, and maybe reach out, or ask questions. Do you have a facebook or twitter I can follow?

Aug 13, 11:00AM EDT0

How much are you planning to raise via this method?

Aug 11, 6:48PM EDT32

Hello. Nothing in specific. As l9ng as I ca  help people.. that is what I am for... earning is just a number

Aug 11, 10:58PM EDT22

Ok, what do you think is the most important about this job?

Aug 12, 2:45AM EDT25

Where did you know the concept of crowdfunding?

Aug 11, 3:37PM EDT0

Hey! Thank you for asking. I am an Information Technology graduate and have been exposed to multiple campaigns, crowdfunding ideas at School. I then said to myself, one day I'll have my own.

Aug 11, 4:32PM EDT0

Looked at your site but the home page doesn't give any details as to how much it costs or any current projects so how can people see it and how do they find you? Can you share some links so I can see it before registering?

Aug 11, 7:03PM EDT0

Have you researched the behaviour patterns of people who''ve had massive success with Juanads?

Aug 11, 1:19PM EDT0

Hey there! Yes Anthony. We have a monitoring scheme that we use and make sure they are on the right track. We have Quality Analysis and Control too simply to put thing organized and in order.

Aug 11, 4:34PM EDT0

What do you do if people are not on the right track?

Aug 12, 1:24AM EDT0

How do you pitch a crowdfunder like yours to know it will get noticed and not forgotten by investors?

Aug 11, 12:52PM EDT0

Hi there! I just offer them what Juanads can offer, give them what Juanads can do to change their financial status. I also make raffles and promotions to entice them. You see a good market for promotions can keep them intact.

Aug 11, 4:35PM EDT0

Outline what you do offer

Aug 11, 9:48PM EDT0

Do you think your crowdfunding campaign will bring the results you have in mind?

Aug 11, 12:23PM EDT0

Hey there Scott! Yes I do. We have been seeing the progression as we speak. The kisckstarter did well and good and still doing better now. Happy to have brought it up and helped people.

Aug 11, 4:37PM EDT0

How many clients have reached their goals with your site so far?

Aug 11, 9:49PM EDT0

Why haven't you linked your crowdfunding page to this thread?

Aug 11, 12:00PM EDT42

Hi Sam.. I think I did... let ne double check and poat it. Thabks for the feedback.

Aug 11, 10:59PM EDT29

no problem

Aug 12, 2:57AM EDT77

Are you aware of the potential risks crowdfunding presents, if there's any?

Aug 11, 9:41AM EDT46

Hey yeah! I am very much aware and because I did this and chose this path I will stand by the risk and rake them. I started with very little and with the hopes to help others, I just have to stay positive.

Aug 11, 11:02PM EDT74

That's the spirit! I like your positive attitude

Aug 12, 3:27AM EDT17

What made you choose to work with Juanads?

Aug 11, 9:36AM EDT63

I am an Information Technology graduate and have been expose to money making and affiliates since my College years. I was driven to make my own crowdfunding to help others.

Aug 11, 11:04PM EDT26

very thoughtful

Aug 12, 2:51AM EDT50

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign won't meet your expectations?

Aug 11, 8:01AM EDT58

Hi John. I will not feel disappointed rather than feel motivated to make things better.... I wanna show everyone that in every problem there is a solution...

Aug 11, 11:05PM EDT15

Would you launch another campaign in that case?

Aug 12, 2:52AM EDT42

What are the best social media sites to promote your crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 11, 7:40AM EDT26

Hello! I primarily use Facebook. Very helpful to reaching the right targt audience. To be honest, Facebook helped me grow. Helped Juanads grow. I made acquaintances from there and because of Ffaceboo marketing has been made easy and viable.

Aug 11, 11:07PM EDT39

what about Twitter?

Aug 12, 5:30AM EDT17

Can you name some well-known events that entirely raised funds through crowdfunding sites?

Aug 11, 6:46AM EDT0

I am not sure yet here in the Philippines.. When I started with Juanads, I literally detached my world from the outside. I had crowdfunding though before during my College days. Kinda not related at all... I guess.

Aug 11, 11:08PM EDT0

What are your back up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Aug 11, 6:38AM EDT24

I want to keep mving and to stay positive. Find ways and means to make up for the lost and come back with a better plan. Never surrender.

Aug 11, 11:09PM EDT46


Aug 12, 5:31AM EDT30

How difficult it is to raise funds through crowdfunding sites compared to traditional fundraising activities?

Aug 11, 6:35AM EDT0

It's a case tk case basis. In my end, it wasn't that hard at all. People are willing to do more to make things work out for them. Investements coming in so I was able to manage promotions to keep them satisfied and to keep them intact...

Aug 11, 11:10PM EDT0

Who's qualified to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 11, 6:08AM EDT33

Everyone is! It's welcome for everyone who has good and real intention.

Aug 11, 11:11PM EDT53

Do I need special qualities to do that?

Aug 12, 5:44AM EDT78

How much funds do you earn from crowdfunding as of the moment?

Aug 11, 5:08AM EDT34

I can't really go into details but I just don't really find the earnings matter the most since I amoee concerned on getting people connected and help them earn..

Aug 11, 11:20PM EDT78

Well. I wish you good luck with your work!

Aug 12, 5:08AM EDT50

How often do crowdfunding campaigns get successful than not?

Aug 11, 3:57AM EDT22

Hello. Well I am not really sure but I can say it's about 60%-90% a success..

Aug 11, 11:27PM EDT25

Not bad

Aug 12, 5:46AM EDT31

Is this your first time running a crowdfunding service?

Aug 11, 3:23AM EDT54

Hi Betty! Yes my very first time. Had that fear at first but then as weeks and months passed I told myself to just enjoy whatever is happening now.

Aug 11, 11:28PM EDT66

So it's hard to begin, right?

Aug 12, 5:08AM EDT44

What are other effective platforms for launching campaigns aside from crowdfunding sites?

Aug 11, 3:04AM EDT36

Hello! My choice is Facebook. It is where I started and would definitely still be. I owe it to Facebook.

Aug 11, 11:29PM EDT71

Can you do somethin like it via LinkedIn?

Aug 12, 4:47AM EDT17

Do you think some people will try to take advantage of crowdfunding personal gain?

Aug 11, 3:03AM EDT50

Hi. Yes. There arw many who does and it is so disappointing. They are tarnishing the legitimate names and those who have pure intentions. We may not be able to stop them but at least they get to realize that it will always go back to them.

Aug 11, 11:31PM EDT39

Personally I believe in carma - even if they do get away with it they'll be punished either way, only in a different manner ...

Aug 12, 4:59AM EDT46

How many crowdfunding campaigns are allowed per one cause?

Aug 11, 2:52AM EDT0

I think it's a case to case basis. Nothing specific in terms of how many are allowed.

Aug 11, 11:32PM EDT0

What is Juanads actually about?

Aug 11, 2:46AM EDT82

A networking marketing and advertising company who gathers people, crowdsource them and help them earn for a living.

Aug 11, 11:44PM EDT40

is it Reliable?

Aug 12, 5:11AM EDT65

What's with crowdfunding that made you choose it as a platform to promote your cause?

Aug 11, 2:41AM EDT0

I had previous experience with crowdfunding since college days. So I thought this would be a good venue cos I see those crowdfunding before very successful until today.

Aug 11, 11:45PM EDT0

How much are you looking to raise and why?

Aug 11, 2:25AM EDT0

Hello Tiffany. I usually do not look into the numbers. My main goal is to keep the network's interaction and activity. Help them achieve financial stability.

Aug 11, 11:47PM EDT0

Can you give some strategies in boosting the appeal of a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 11, 2:04AM EDT64

Proper marketing. It all boils down to that. Targeting the right people and reaching out to them effectively 

Aug 11, 11:49PM EDT51

Could you single out the main marketing principles then?

Aug 12, 5:39AM EDT64

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Aug 11, 1:51AM EDT0

Hello. We already did and in just a matter of time we are looking at it to expand and grow bigger.. Bigger platform and much more organized.

Aug 11, 11:50PM EDT0

Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfuning campaigns?

Aug 11, 1:18AM EDT54

Hi Stephanie. Stay focused to your goals. Do not lose hope, it may be difficult from the start but it will wear off and eventually normalize. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and always stay on track, stay positive all the time and make sure to be open to whatever possibilities there will be.

Aug 11, 11:51PM EDT31

Thanks a lot!

Aug 12, 5:02AM EDT18
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