Want an Experience of India's Unseen Beauty? I'm creating a documentary and Photo-book. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 14, 2017

Photographer and Indie Creator Naveen Sakthivel is embarking a trip of lifetime to document the 29 states of India, country's mostly unseen places, its people and cultural dignity, covering 16,000+ kilometers/10000+ miles of journey across the country.

For creating, INDIA UNSEEN, a series of documentary film that beautifully shows us the unseen part of India and its wonders; and UNSEEN BEAUTY OF INDIA, a beautiful 300-page photo-book that tells the full story of the journey with copious digressions into matters historical and cultural, feauturing a unique series of stunning photographs.

These documentaries will be a mixture of visual story telling, fine art and short stories about the Indian culture, and people. What will make this documentary unique is that most of the adventures take place unexpectedly. Naveen want to show you the world the way he see's and experience it. While most of the world is asleep, Naveen starts by hiking a trail looking for an epic landscape to capture or driving through a national park with the road to himself. The photographs/film are used to relive the impression – the kind you can't get from just reading about the place.

Naveen is currently (running a campaign at Milaap.org (https://milaap.org/fundraisers/indiaunseen) in order to fund the project!

Although the project is fully an independant creation, self funds are not enough to create such a large project. Inorder to giveaway a kindness for his backers/donors he will also send a personalized thanks to you directly (you will also get the film and eBook, of course). Both will be available digitally to download from his website once the project is successfully finished.

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