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Natural Warp
Jun 25, 2017

Spice up your life with some fresh psychedelic art.

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Natural Warp

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Natural Warp says:

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How did you get involved in psychedelic art?

Jun 25, 5:44PM EDT18

well if you want the long story click here

in short , i i could explain it like this : it was a mix of being stung with the shaman's poison at a young age , the gut feeling telling me : " there must be something else aside from this daily reality " and my passion for playing with shapes and colours while creating something new ...

and of course the influence of other artists both visual and auditory .

Jun 26, 11:18AM EDT65
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How are your dreams affect your artwork?

Jun 25, 3:28PM EDT56

Hi Jimmy,

i wouldn't say it's mostly dreams that are directly influencing my artwork it's also the visions or themes that appear in my mind i get after dancing for hours and hours on the dancefloor or a sudden insight while meditating in my garden ... or after an occasional vivid dream focusing my attention on something that touches me deeply ...

these things shape clusters of possible realities in my head or trigger a focused emotion around a theme or abstract feeling .... it's a bit hard to explain i guess ...

inspiration is like a wave ( i'm a kitesurfer by the way ) imagine you are riding the ocean ... could be flat , could be bumpy ... once and a while you take a jump or catch a small wave ... just for fun ... also sometimes waves get pretty high and then you really must decide quick to jump over it ... or be brave enough and take a quick turn to ride it in the heat of the battle ...

music helps the flow ... as does an empty mind ... to catch the wave ...

Jun 26, 11:13AM EDT16
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What festivals are you attending this year? 

Jun 25, 10:23AM EDT33

Hi Miguel thank you for asking !

for now i'm having a bit of a very busy pre-summer with the preparation of the Tomorrowland decor and my "secret" project. ;)

So i'll not be attending the amount of festivals i did last year.

You can find some of my new work this year in the brand-new "Artspace" project in co-operation with Collider-Art on the Psy-Fi Festival 2017 in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands.

Aside from that my art is hitch-hiking along with 2 travelling psychedelic art galleries around the world.

The Psychedelic Dreamtemple makes it's tour along many festivals in entire europe during the summertime, the moment i write this answer they are attending the Master of Puppets Festival in the Czech Republic

i believe they go to japan in autumn and they for sure spend wintertime in south africa ( if you want to know their complete festival tour you'd have to check their facebook page - it's quite a lot - since their new website is still under construction )

Collider Art travels besides curating the really awesome and brand-new Artspace on the Psy-Fi Festival each year to the Summer Never Ends festival in the middle of the marvellous Alps of Switzerland.

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Jun 25, 10:45AM EDT18
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Where do you see yourself in three years?

Jun 25, 6:33AM EDT37

ah !! Well , you know that goal that i'm keeping a secret now ?

I'll answer your question without endangering my secret ... ;)

I see myself as a visionary artist, " walking the path of the fractal self " inspiring others , enlightening the world , coloring reality in a fresh new way , i see myself as a frontier striving shaman of crystalline structure breaking boundaries , bending the light , opening gates ... awakening souls , opening hearts ... take old structures down and help create the new ...

i see myself exactly as i am now , enjoying life , searching , creating , surfing the waves , ... sitting in the sun , breathing in the moment .

Jun 25, 9:56AM EDT55
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What do you read now?

Jun 25, 4:55AM EDT39

to be honest for the moment nothing actually

if i don't work i create art, if i don't create art i relax.

i sometimes re-read some parts of books in my shelve, mostly as a reminder or to keep the spirit up ... nothing specific

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Jun 25, 9:47AM EDT52
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Are you also into music by any chance?

Jun 25, 2:54AM EDT2

yes, i played a long time with the creation of electronic music , i also tried producing psychedelic trance but noting top shelve though, haha ;)

Jun 25, 9:43AM EDT2

How many pieces of art do you sell a month?

Jun 25, 1:52AM EDT20

not enough to stay alive if that's what you want to know ;)

but i'm getting to it ... that's my main focus now ... in the mean while i work as a freelance artist ( eating away the time i need to create art )

i'm lucky my jobs tend to lean towards my life as an artist, for example

working as an effect painter for a company that creates decoration for Tomorrowland, or as a freelance video director/technician for some belgian radio show keeps my funds above ground and enables me to print my stuff and buy the equipment i need to create and exhibit my art.

Jun 25, 9:40AM EDT25
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Have you done other types of art other than psychedelic art?

Jun 24, 11:30PM EDT15

Yes adam, for sure, thanks to my studies i had many techniques i could use to develop a crazy path through life ...

I had a long period when i used oil on anything and yes also canvas ;)

But i tried photography, welded robots, made abstract structures, moulded life size statues, invented games and shaped their boards, made electronic music, modeled worlds in 3D game design, i did airbrush, played with screen printing, made deco for festivals for almost 10 years, did loads of graphic design, painted murals, did some interior design and furniture, did some bodypaint, made maquettes and life size decor for a sci-fi short film ... played with audio and video montages ... i think i could go on and on ... and on ...

Jun 25, 9:32AM EDT58
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What is your story, like background, etc?

Jun 24, 9:30PM EDT20

Hi Jason,

i hope you're ok with my story here on my Patreon Page

it's about my studies, my experiences as a kid, my family, my interests in books and other artists who inspired me, my dreams ... my way of life .

If you have more questions after reading it , i'll be glad to answer them in detail ... Have Fun !!!

Jun 25, 10:00AM EDT39
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What inspires you?

Jun 24, 6:30PM EDT2

Thank You ! That is perfect question !!

I'll try to keep it short


As a young kid i always felt caged in this reality. This 3D structure of flesh and bones, tables chairs and walls ... And it really annoyed me. I had many discussions with my mother and brother about this sense of "reality" trying to convince them that there had to be another way .

After a while i started reading the right books searching for a bigger thruth ... a deeper reality ... looking into my dreams and dreams of others ... peering in the depths of the self ...

When i was 18, i had myself some magic mushrooms with a friend who had travelled to mexico in search of the paths of the shaman .This experience blew my mind wide open . My dark days were over , i had seen the light and my path changed ...

Let me ask you this :

Have you ever stared into a field of grass for as long as you could without blinking on a hot summer day?

Well, if I do this, I start to see beautiful patterns and a multitude of layers and fractals. It's like there is shining light from within the world ... a world of energy ... and thus not only lit from the outside ...

I would recommend this to anyone since it is such an innocent and very meditative way to spend your time. To me it feels as if a constant waterfall of joy and pure liveliness that jumps out of the image, one that before I simply viewed as "the normal world.”

My latest work is the result of an attempt to translate these never-ending depths that are hiding mere millimeters behind the curtain of our everyday perception of reality. It is an attempt to build a bridge between any concept observable in this world and the unimaginable world of dreams behind it on the other side. To simulate a panorama over a landscape that stretches over countless of inter-dimensional facets of reality, a wonderful view we could only dream of to perceive.

It is an invitation to the mind of the observer to, even if for just a moment, feel the fractal nature of the now, to inspire awe for the multi-layered details whirling into the architecture of the moment, to try and connect with it’s deep design within and to dive into that overwhelming experience.

By flirting with basic geometry and mixing it into semi-controlled random brushstrokes I enable myself to spawn multiple shapes at once and arrange them onto hundreds of layers spread over thousands and thousands of pixels while pushing the limits of my machine.

You surely can imagine this makes me feel like I am playing with pure light and hyper-chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth or galaxy formation.

What inspires me you ask ? Well , In short ... 

The inner light and the connection with all there is .

Jun 25, 9:19AM EDT2

Have you done any exhibits?

Jun 24, 5:32PM EDT38

Yes for sure, while i was younger, for years i took part in many group exhibitions in belgium.

But from the moment i started walking this new path i exhibited in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland & Portugal.

In one of my goals on my Patreon Page i reveal my wish to organise another solo exhibition . 10 years, that's how long ago it has been since i organised a solo exhibition ... and it's gonna be amazing !!!

Jun 25, 9:03AM EDT43
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How did you get into this sort of art?

Jun 24, 4:43PM EDT13

Well to be honest it was a dream that led me towards this path ...

Again, you can read all about it on my Patreon Page

just go to " My Story " and i tell you in detail all about my life and how this dream led me towards the world of color where i live now.

Jun 25, 8:57AM EDT43
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Have you sold any art?

Jun 24, 4:20PM EDT2

For now mostly on psychedelic trance festivals, this subculture is a place where people tend to be very open minded, always on the search for something revelating to uplift themselves and uplift the world.

But i feel things are changing in the world and minds are opened, hearts are opened and connection grows stronger ...

Jun 25, 8:54AM EDT2

Who or what is 'Mandala'? I see it on your page but am not sure.

Jun 24, 4:11PM EDT36

Hi Michael,

i use the form "Mandala" as a tool, a tool of magic, a form of art.

  • " A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol used in both Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In common use, "mandala" has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. "

So lets say when you draw your own mandala, you discover on an intuitive level your very own personal universe.

For me it's like opening a gate through which new energy can enter my world, like a fresh ocean breeze, or the constant nurturing light of our sun.  

  • " The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. "
  • Yantras function as revelatory symbols of cosmic truths and as instructional charts of the spiritual aspect of human experience. "

For me it functions on a level that it heals me while i create them, it lifts my energy, it uplifts my understanding of the world, it enhances my life.


I create them in a way that when zoomed out one sees the bigger picture, and when zoomed in another level appears, like a sublayer of reality ... They keep me going.If you browse through my work you can see that they've taken over the illustrative part of my oeuvre.


I hope i answered your question well ...

Jun 25, 8:48AM EDT7
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Did you or do you have mentors? Do you mentors others?

Jun 24, 3:26PM EDT2

That is a nice question Areyes .

I believe like the most of us i find mentors everywhere ... in the people surrounding me.

Besides my parents as a kid for example , i had a friend who introduced me in the world of shamanism at the age of 16,  inspiring me to read books of Carlos Castaneda and such ... that relation truly had en enormous of impact on my life .

Now the last 10 years i'm very lucky to live with my girl, she inspires me , i inspire her ... it's a great balance , we learn alot from eachother .

As in mentoring others , ... i love talking about the balance of life , searching for existential thruths and abstract thoughts ... i'm really bad in small talk , politics or regular stuff ... so in company i mostly wait for the moment where the philosophising can start , minds start working and questioning everyday reality ...

Yeah i hope i mentor others , i guess i inspire people yes ...

Last edited @ Jun 25, 10:15AM EDT.
Jun 25, 10:14AM EDT2

Is your family supportive of your art and direction in life?

Jun 24, 2:14PM EDT46

Oh yes totally, you can read all about it in my long story on my Patreon Profile

Just click the white My Story button on the left on that page or here on this direct link

My mother was artistic herself but was not allowed by her parents to go into art school, since ( in those days ) that was not leading towards a "real" job ...

Probably the main reason why i DID get the support and freedom i needed ( for which i am truly grateful ) from both my parents.

My father was a technical draftsman ...

Both my brothers ended up being artists , one a circusman/photographer and the other one a concept artist ...

one of my nephews became a well known psy trance producer, my niece could be on her way to become a singer let's see if i'm not forgetting anyone ...

ah my great grandmother was delving deep into the "spiritual" books on the "black-list" available to her in the local library ... we're talking somewhere at the end of the 1800's / early 1900's here ...

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Jun 24, 2:34PM EDT14
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Have you thought of getting into photography?

Jun 24, 1:47PM EDT2

when i was 22 i had in my atelier a small space to develop my own B&W experimental photography ... i did loads of nature photography and had some portfolio on iStockphoto when i turned 30... but then it grew out to a big portfolio all vectorworks ... so i forgot about photography ...

also , peering through the lens all the time made me forget to enjoy the moment, and carrying all those bodies and lenses in those days was getting heavier and heavier ...

so in the end i quit taking pictures for years and years , even on holidays and beautiful trips in nature ... i was literally blocking photography ...

now, when i started my Natural Warp thing i realised having visual material could come in quite handy so i'm picking it up ... but very slowly ... 

so yeah , photography is an old love of my

thank you for that question !

Jun 24, 2:01PM EDT2

How long have you been painting?

Jun 24, 1:33PM EDT2

oh since i was a little kid ...

I think my first "real" oil paintings on canvas came to life at the age of 16

But i tend to count the real active creative and artistic life from the day i graduated ( and thats almost 20 years ago )

Last edited @ Jun 28, 10:50AM EDT.
Jun 24, 1:41PM EDT2

What is the goal of your project?

Jun 24, 1:19PM EDT2

Haha !!! on my patreon page i tell you all about it !!

and there it states that my main goal is still a secret ...

But i can tell you here that VR has something to do with it ... ;)

Aside from that i wish to finally organise my first solo exhibition in 10 years . Yes, that's how long ago it is since my last one, and mainly because i've been succumbing under the spell that lied to me about art not being able to serve as the main goal in my life since one has to "survive" and "financially succeed" ...

well, i can say i broke that spell and here I stand again !!

Last edited @ Jun 24, 1:40PM EDT.
Jun 24, 1:39PM EDT2

How's the crowdfunding experience so far?

Jun 24, 12:58PM EDT2

well i was happy to see in the first week , already 3 Patrons started funding me

and they sure are getting the full blast right now : new artwork, prints, downloads etc ...

i hope more will come since it also helps me build a nice workflow ...

how ? well, apart from the fact it helps me financially ( very little atm since it's only the beginning ) it also boosts creativity and the way i think about getting my art outside

wallpapers, posters, stickers, all kinds of prints ... i make 360° environments ... wanna go reach beyond that in the world of VR ... and a bunch of other stuff ...

so what i'm saying is, the mental boost is ( for now ) playing a bigger and unexpected role then the financial one, and that's great !!!

Last edited @ Jun 24, 1:09PM EDT.
Jun 24, 1:08PM EDT2

What did you study in college/uni?

Jun 24, 11:46AM EDT2

age 9 to 12 i joined the arts class on wednesdays and saturday afternoons

from 12 to 20 i studied fine arts and graphic design in high school

later at the academy i added some nice sculpting techniques to my list ...

soon after that i started experimenting in my own aterlier with all techniques i've been tought ... oil, acrylic, airbrush, print screen, photography, moulding, welding, sound design, graphical work, video editing etc ...

now i'm having loads of fun on my wacom screen-tablet ;)

Last edited @ Jun 24, 12:57PM EDT.
Jun 24, 12:37PM EDT2

What are your most favorite artwork you've ever created?

Jun 24, 11:17AM EDT40

i made soo many things ... so that's a really hard question

but i guess i can say "The Blossoms of the Dark Crystal" is definitely in the top 5 of my overall favourites since the amethyst theme has some deep roots throughout my entire life

Last edited @ Jun 24, 3:03PM EDT.
Jun 24, 12:40PM EDT30
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Very cool art, thanks for sharing. How long have you been using Patreon? do you like it?

Jun 24, 11:10AM EDT2

Thank You !!!

i've been there for a few weeks i guess ...

things are a bit slow i believe , probably because apart from my facebook profile i don't yet have so many followers or a big email list to get it out there ...

i've only recently been using twitter and instagram and some other social networking ... that's the main trick probably ... and you can't focus on everything if you wanna spend the most time making art right ?

Last edited @ Jun 24, 3:04PM EDT.
Jun 24, 12:44PM EDT2
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