MyAudioSession: Headphones that make your music as unique as you are! We're LIVE on Kickstarter and ready to answer anything, AMA/AUA!

The Audio Session (Gold)
Oct 12, 2017

Early-Birds are still LIVE on Kickstarter!

Hi, I'm Sam, The Audio Session's brand dev. I'm here to answer all questions about us, our Kickstarter, anything audio-related, or whatever else you have in mind!

Like your fingerprints or DNA, everyone's hearing is unique. The same goes for your vision - you might be reading this right now with prescription glasses or contacts; so why do we accept headphones that aren't built with YOUR ears in mind?

MyAudioSession is a headphone and mobile app duo that aims to personalize your audio experience and lets you hear music as it was originally intended.

Our app can effectively measure your hearing ability and create a personally-tailored audio profile for you, enhancing specific frequencies to create an optimum sound without causing hearing fatigue.

I look forward to answering all your questions soon!

You can always follow along on our Facebook and Twitter, or keep track of updates on our Kickstarter.

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