MyAudioSession: Headphones that make your music as unique as you are! We're LIVE on Kickstarter and ready to answer anything, AMA/AUA!

The Audio Session
Oct 12, 2017

Early-Birds are still LIVE on Kickstarter!

Hi, I'm Sam, The Audio Session's brand dev. I'm here to answer all questions about us, our Kickstarter, anything audio-related, or whatever else you have in mind!

Like your fingerprints or DNA, everyone's hearing is unique. The same goes for your vision - you might be reading this right now with prescription glasses or contacts; so why do we accept headphones that aren't built with YOUR ears in mind?

MyAudioSession is a headphone and mobile app duo that aims to personalize your audio experience and lets you hear music as it was originally intended.

Our app can effectively measure your hearing ability and create a personally-tailored audio profile for you, enhancing specific frequencies to create an optimum sound without causing hearing fatigue.

I look forward to answering all your questions soon!

You can always follow along on our Facebook and Twitter, or keep track of updates on our Kickstarter.

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What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 12, 2:21PM EDT0

Hi Vukasin,

One of the most important lessons we learned is that the pre-launch is just as, if not more, important as the actual campaign. A lot of preparation was needed just to get to the start line, and we would place an even higher focus on pre-launch actions if we were to use crowdfunding next time. Building an active audience, getting the word out to press and media, managing supply chain and logistics are just some of the activities that need to be completed or planned before even launching.

Oct 12, 10:15PM EDT0

Are there any drawbacks on using crowdfunding platforms?

Oct 12, 7:42AM EDT0

Great question Ankita!

Compared to well-established channels like B2B or retail, crowdfunding is still relatively new and requires a ton of effort and research just to get to the starting line.

For startups or new businesses, you could risk damage to your reputation if funding fails to happen, or you run into problems during logistics and fulfillment.

Of course, the major point of concern for something like Kickstarter is that don't get ANY pledged funds if the project doesn't successfully fund.

There are a host of advantages to crowdfunding too, and I would encourage you to do plenty of research to see if it's the right platform for you!

Oct 12, 10:55AM EDT0

Where will I be able to test the headphones? Will you be selling them online or also in stores?

Oct 12, 7:04AM EDT1

Hi Ogundoyin, thanks for the question!

We will be selling them online after our campaign is complete and we fulfill our backers. We are looking for retail distributors and are open to discussions on that end as well.

If you happen to be in Hong Kong this weekend or the next, we will be holding live demos at the HK Electronics Fair and Global Source Expo!

Oct 12, 10:34AM EDT0

After the app customizes the headphones output, will those settings remain when connecting the headphones to another device?

Oct 12, 6:52AM EDT0

Hi Anthony! Your custom audio profile will be saved on the headphone, so they will remain even if you connect to another device. 

Oct 12, 8:19AM EDT1

What makes your headphones unique to others?

Oct 12, 5:15AM EDT1

Hi Karen, glad you asked! 

Everyone's hearing is unique, but most headphones don't know that! 

Our headphone and its companion app can measure your hearing and create a personal audio profile that's specifically tailored to your ears

You might pick up on musical details you never knew existed, or regain a fuller sense of bass and treble frequencies (as it did for me).

All of this on top of our already advanced wireless solution and top-of-the-line audio drivers! MyAudioSession is designed to be a complete wireless experience customized for you. 

Oct 12, 8:59AM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Oct 12, 1:40AM EDT0

Hi Richa, thanks for the question!

Even in the unlikely event that the campaign isn't funded, we would still like to pursue this project. We are confident in MyAudioSession and our goal of providing a personal listening experience, and would probably re-launch in the near future with an upgraded version.

Oct 12, 3:59AM EDT0

Where will you manufacture your products?

Oct 11, 11:27PM EDT0

Hi Ivy!

We have built very close relationships with several manufacturers just across the border in China, who have been working with us for over 30 years. We have reviewed very extensive QA and certification processes with them and are confident in their ability to create MyAudioSession.

Oct 12, 3:52AM EDT0

Wow, as a person that is losing her hearing in my left ear, this is a very interesting set of headphones. Are they already being sold online? Will you have another version for elders? 

Oct 11, 9:21PM EDT0

Hi Lou, I'm glad we piqued your interest!

These headphones are not sold online at the moment, but we expect to ship to early-bird and first wave backers on our Kickstarter as soon as December, aiming for the holiday season! Once our campaign is over and we've completed fulfillment for our backers, we will aim to have them available online.

Unfortunately a version specifically for elders isn't in the cards at the moment. I should also note that these are not meant to be replacements for hearings aids. However, as someone who has attended/performed at a few too many live music venues without adequate hearing protection, I can definitely hear the difference with the audio profile active, especially in the sub-bass and high frequency ranges.

Thanks for your questions!

Last edited @ Oct 12, 3:46AM EDT.
Oct 12, 3:46AM EDT0

How does the quality of sound compare to others, like Beats?

Oct 11, 4:55PM EDT1

Hi Nicz,

Compared to Beats and similar bass-centric headphones, we favor a more balanced approach when it comes to the overall sound characteristics. 

Our 50mm drivers provide a larger soundstage than average, allowing your music to feel more natural and less congested. The unique Titanium coating produces a much more crisp sound than a generic headphone, which translates to better clarity across the audio spectrum.

Whether you're an avid audiophile or a casual listener looking for a more personal music experience, I think you'll enjoy MyAudioSession!

Last edited @ Oct 12, 3:29AM EDT.
Oct 12, 3:28AM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Oct 11, 3:05PM EDT0

Hi Ankita!

Realistically, we are estimating the goal to be completed closer to the end date, although we are certainly pushing for completed funding as early as possible! We've sent out review units and reached out to press and are patiently (well, as much as you can be patient when it comes to crowdfunding!) waiting for the results to come in.

Oct 12, 3:10AM EDT0

Will they connect to any device?

Oct 11, 10:20AM EDT0

Hi Andy,

The headphones will connect wirelessly to devices supporting Bluetooth 4.2, and can also connect with the (included) 3.5mm audio cable.

The companion app for audio personalization will be available for iOS and Android devices.

Oct 12, 3:04AM EDT0

How different do you feel your concept is compared to anything else out there right now?

Oct 11, 10:07AM EDT1

Hi Faye, thanks for the question :)

The majority of headphones since the dawn of time have been built with a "one-size-fits-all" methodology - their sound assumes that the listener has either perfect hearing or identical hearing to their test instruments.

The concept of having a personally-tailored sound is only just being realized in the headphone market, and we firmly believe that we are the best choice available right now. The combination of a high-definition, wireless headphone with built-in audio enhancing technology has never been done before, and certainly not to the level of advanced technology that we've included!

Oct 12, 3:00AM EDT0

How much information should I share on a crowdfunder and how important is it?

Oct 11, 10:01AM EDT0

Great question Hammad!

As crowdfunding is generally a smaller, more intimate affair, we believe it is extremely important to be as transparent as possible to your audience. Being personable and relatable by sharing you and your team's backgrounds and goals, or documenting the production process for a hardware project, for example, are great ways to interact with your (potential) backers.

Oct 12, 2:27AM EDT0

Will they still sound good without the app?

Oct 11, 5:22AM EDT1


We've built MyAudioSession headphones with sound quality in mind, first and foremost. Even before using the app, our unique 50mm Titanium-coated drivers ensure crisp and responsive high-definition audio.

Last edited @ Oct 11, 9:43PM EDT.
Oct 11, 7:02AM EDT0

Are they only wireless, or do you have a wired version as well?

Oct 11, 1:26AM EDT1

Thanks for the question Saiful!

MyAudioSession also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable for wired use! However, the audio profile feature can only be used via Bluetooth.

Last edited @ Oct 11, 9:42PM EDT.
Oct 11, 7:05AM EDT0

Where do you see these headphones in 5 years?

Oct 10, 9:29PM EDT1

Hi Jesa,

We hope MyAudioSession will lead the way for a truly unique audio experience and be the next evolution in wireless headphones. We see the personalization of music as inevitable in the next 5 years, and we want to kickstart (pun intended) the way forward with MyAudioSession.

Oct 10, 10:32PM EDT0

What colors are they available in?

Oct 10, 1:47PM EDT0

Hi Poorvi,

As the headphone's leather exterior is custom-made, they are currently available exclusively in Black. With everyone's support on Kickstarter, we hope to be able to bring MyAudioSession in other colors as well in the future!

Last edited @ Oct 11, 12:02AM EDT.
Oct 10, 10:36PM EDT1

That's great! Thank you.

Oct 12, 9:03AM EDT0

How much will they cost retail?

Oct 10, 1:29PM EDT0

Hey Paulynna, we plan to have them available at retail for US299! It's quite a substantial difference from our Kickstarter pledge levels, as we want to give our backers a big thanks for their support.

Last edited @ Oct 11, 7:07AM EDT.
Oct 10, 10:38PM EDT0

Hello and welcome, great to have you as a Host :)

What was the most challenging part of the design and how you overcame it?

Oct 9, 1:30PM EDT1

Hi Shilpa, thanks for the welcome and great question!

The most challenging part of designing MyAudioSession was integrating all the advanced hardware into the headphone while still maintaining a sleek and comfortable form factor.

Many premium-sounding wireless headphones are already relatively large - we still had to fit in the audio enhancement module, NFC connectivity, QI-compatible wireless charging capabilities and more!

Our designers and engineers worked tirelessly to develop the headphone as it is today, and used their expertise to implement all the features we believe to be essential for a modern headphone experience.

Oct 10, 11:00PM EDT0

Sounds awesome! What are your plans after Kickstarter?

Oct 9, 1:07PM EDT0

Hi Melodyama, thanks for the question!

After the campaign is complete, we will put our full effort in delivering the first wave of MyAudioSession to our backers by the holidays! Of course, we will continue to support and keep the app software up to date.

We are also currently exploring and developing a variety of headphone concepts. The specifics are still under wraps at the moment, but our goal is to bring innovation into the personal audio industry, whether that be through unique headphone and driver designs, or the way we listen to music on a personal level.

Oct 10, 11:21PM EDT0
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