My name is Donya. 'I have launched a crowdfunding project to invest in my education for financial trading and marketing to reach my future goals and transfer skills to others.' Ask me anything! #education ''Rain is falling, sell rain sell sell sell''. #tradingjokes

Donya Willats E T
Sep 13, 2017

I am here to anwser any questions you my have related to my project.

More information about my crowdfunding project can be found here. 

  Welcome to my campaign: #DreamBIG

 My name is Donya and back in December 2016 I  had the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade in financial trading whilst studying internet marketing in pursuit of my goal to financial freedom.  My short term goals are to develop the skills and the knowlegde needed for my online business and trading skills to build a tremendous success. With this profound knowledge and success, I wish to transfer those skills to others and In the next 5-10 years I aspire to build shool and hospitals in countries that lack these facilities.  I continue to set journey to improve my cognitive skills. I intend to pass on all this profound knowlegde and raise awareness to help others in the same area in which I have struggled and overcome.

Two of my acamdemic pursuits are Finacial trading and Internet Marketing. 

I wanted to create my own economy and stop trading my time for money, ultimately become financially free! Do something I choose too, not because I have too. My reason is I want to be part of a bigger mission and encourage others to do the same. I want to add value to other peoples live on a bigger scale, realize my dreams and fulfill the dreams of my family! Support my mum when she retires.

If you have the capacity to donate please support my project. If you can't donate, please share on facebook! :) Thanks. 

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Donya Willats E T says:

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