My Company Trailform Just Raised over 100K on a Kickstarter with our unique outdoor backpack. And I still have 2 weeks to go! Ask Me Anything!

Mark A.
Aug 7, 2017

When your gear does more you can carry less. That is why we invented the Chameleon Backpack. An awesome durable Daypack that turns into an ultra-lite chair. Availble now on Kickstarter.Chair and stoveWhat if the same bag that helps you carry your load could help you take a load off? With Trailform's Chameleon Now you Can!When choosing a daypack there are alot of things to consider. Usually the last thing on your mind is where to park your ass once you get to your final desitination. Now with the Chameleon we've made it simple to enjoy the scenery without having to empty your pack.  

The Chameleon comes with two patent pending switchbags that hold all your gear whether inside the pack or our favorite while lounging in your chair. These switch bags are detachable and can be used as a drawstring backpack or you can use each one seperately as a sling bag. The outdoors where made to be enjoyed and with the Chameleon there is no better way to glass over the scenery. Please Back our Kickstarter today.


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Can you give some strategies in boosting the appeal of a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 7, 6:58AM EDT49

The number 1 strategy is don't do a low quality video. Those videos that have bad sound where the microphone is 15 feet away from the person and the lighting looks like it was filmed in a basement are what kills a kickstarter.

Aug 7, 1:04PM EDT42
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What are your back up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Aug 7, 5:04AM EDT0

Hey George, Well my crowdfunding campaign already succeeded. So no need to worry. Actually the key is to plan ahead and don't just do a Crowdfunding campaign. Plan out ahead of time. You should already have the people ready to back your project when you launch.

Aug 7, 1:06PM EDT0

How much funds do you earn from crowfunding as of the moment?

Aug 6, 4:49PM EDT0

As of right now we are just under 120K. Kickstarter takes 10% of the total raise.

Aug 7, 1:06PM EDT0

How often do crowdfunding campaigns get successful than not?

Aug 6, 9:08AM EDT0

They say 95% of campaigns fail. I feel this is because people create the campaign without much thought ahead of time.

Aug 7, 1:07PM EDT0

Do you think some people will try to take advantage of crowdfunding for vile purposes?

Aug 6, 8:42AM EDT0

Will the sun come up in the morning? Yes. But the majority will not. In fact crowdfunding is quickly becomeing more and more trusted. It is a viable way to start a business

Aug 7, 1:08PM EDT0

Can you name some well-known events that entirely raised funds through crowdfunding sites?

Aug 6, 8:33AM EDT0

I am not sure what you mean by the question. Could you clarify "well-known events"

Aug 7, 1:09PM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Aug 6, 8:06AM EDT0

Hey Nicholas,

So I have a number of goals for the business and for my life personally. This crowdfunding campaign can not help me acheive all of my personal goals, but for the business it will really help us get a head start. It save us alot of risk doing a crowdfunding campaign.

Aug 7, 1:11PM EDT0

What tips can you give in ensuring th success of a crowdfunding event?

Aug 6, 7:02AM EDT0

First put more thought into your product. A lot of campaigns fail at conception because they haven't thought long and hard about what they are doing.Do a good VideoBuild an Email List before you launch so you can have a good launch.Drive traffic to your campaignDesign your campaign to convert

Aug 7, 1:13PM EDT0

What are the best sites for launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 6, 6:23AM EDT0

I prefer Kickstarter. Indigogo is also popular. 

Aug 7, 1:13PM EDT0

What's with crowdfunding that made you choose it as a platform to promote your cause?

Aug 6, 5:47AM EDT0

Hi Jennifer, Rather then buying a bunch of inventory then trying to sell it out of my garage I choose crowdfunding because I could market my product first and start getting sales before I had to buy the inventory. It was much less risky.

Aug 7, 1:15PM EDT0

Who are qualified to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 6, 4:39AM EDT0

I would say anybody can launch a campaign. But i'd say know your strengths and get help with what you don't know. For example we had a agency help with our PR so we could get featured on press releases. I didn't know how to do that so I outsourced it to someone who knows how.

Aug 7, 1:16PM EDT0

Is the pack waterproof?

Aug 6, 2:52AM EDT0

Water RESISTENT. You can not submerge it into water, but if it rains your stuff should stay dry.

Aug 7, 1:17PM EDT0

What part of the population do you think are the best candidates for a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 5, 11:14PM EDT0

You can market your product to anyone. I'd say those who trust crowdfunding are in general a younger demographic but if you have an ortho product that helps back pain it could still do very well. I guess that your product determines market segments. Not just the plateform you use to market it.

Aug 7, 1:19PM EDT0

Have you done other crowdfunding campaigns before?

Aug 5, 11:01PM EDT0

I have been a part of multiple campaigns, but this is the first one I have been an owner or direct benefactor of.

Aug 7, 1:19PM EDT0

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign won't meet your expectations?

Aug 5, 8:26PM EDT0

If we don't raise enough to meet my expectations I guess i would feel bummed, but I'd soldier on. It is not the end all be all of my business.

Last edited @ Aug 7, 1:49PM EDT.
Aug 7, 1:20PM EDT0

I travel extensively and hike between destinations, so will it hold my necessities AND my laptop, DSLR, 2 lenses and other smaller items and protect them from the weather?

Aug 5, 7:39PM EDT0

So this is a 36 liter backpack. About the size of a carry on bag. I would say it is good for light travel, but if your planning on taking a long trip to everest this isn't the bag.

Aug 7, 1:40PM EDT0

Do you think your crowdfunding campaign will bring the same results you have in mind?

Aug 5, 6:55PM EDT0

Yes. I think we will meet out expectations.

Aug 7, 1:40PM EDT0

Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfuning campaigns?

Aug 5, 6:38PM EDT0

Put thought into the product. Make a good video. Build and audience before you launch. Build your campaign to convert. Drive Traffic to your campaign.

Aug 7, 1:41PM EDT0

How many crowdfunding campaigns are allowed per one cause?

Aug 5, 6:26PM EDT0

Only one per cause.

Aug 7, 1:42PM EDT0

What are the best social media sites to promote your crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 5, 6:07PM EDT0

Facebook is traffic for the best price. Twitter is good to reach influencers.

Aug 7, 1:42PM EDT0

Would you consider crowdfunding to back your project?

Aug 5, 5:59PM EDT0

Yes? I thought that was the whole point.

Aug 7, 1:43PM EDT0

What country are they made in?

Aug 5, 5:48PM EDT0

Our designing and prototypes are all made in the USA. Our bulk production is made in China. I flew to china and personally vetted 5 companies to ensure they have the right working enviroment and are able to produce to our quality standards.

Aug 7, 1:44PM EDT0

Are you aware of the potential risks crowdfunding presents, if there's any?

Aug 5, 4:52PM EDT0

The risk is you could turn a bunch of money into a marketing machine and no returns will come out the other end. I also think that some people waste time using crowdfunding when they could just start selling and getting returns right away.

Aug 7, 1:45PM EDT0

What material is it made from?

Aug 5, 3:47PM EDT0

Our backpacks are made from Nylon and have a polyurithan coating. Super durable and water resistent.

Aug 7, 1:46PM EDT0
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