MatchUp -- We match you!!! A platform for Freelancers across the globe to help match with potential clients/job. #AMA Ask me anything about what you want to know and how to get connected!!! This is for everyone.. #MatchUpAMA

Tatiana Villegas
Aug 11, 2017

Click this link to be directed to our official Page: https://web.facebook.com/matchupph/

We are here to offer highly skilled freelancers, trained and are induced with so much learnings and experience in their own field. As a busy entrepreneur, who would not want a hand with all those emails comiing in and out, meeting and schedules all messed up in your calendar and all other important things that needs to be taken cared of? As a strat-up business, who would not need an eperienced sales team to help you get on top of everything?

The whole idea of putting this up is not to just simply open more doors for freelancers but also to connect and create a bond in between busy entrepreneurs across the globe. To aid and alleviate all the headaches and troubles managing ther business, big or small.


Here, it's not all about just working together but making sure that progress and success is at the end of the line. We would like to create a strong foundation between freelancers and entrepreneurs and not build walls and fences. An open environement for everyone to engage and help on eanother.

Let me know if you need help with anything.. #AMA #MatchUpAMA

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Do you have a blog?

Aug 11, 10:15AM EDT0

Hello Victoria. No we don't but we have a website in place and is currently being worked up. Although we have our official Facebook page : https://web.facebook.com/matchupph/  you might want to check it out! :)

Aug 11, 12:37PM EDT0

I will visit it with pleasure

Aug 11, 4:05PM EDT0

What do clients typically dislike about working with you?

Aug 11, 5:23AM EDT0

Hello!!!!!! Well, nothing really about dislike but I'd say we had few room for improvement from client's feedback. They are kinds centered to the rate we propose for the Freelancers. We work on a minimum rate and most new clients would prefer low rates. But we managed though.

Aug 11, 12:39PM EDT0

There are a lot of freelance platforms. Why yours is unique? Why client must choose it?

Aug 11, 4:18PM EDT0

What fees do Freelancers charge?

Aug 11, 2:01AM EDT0

Hey! We range from $5-$20/hour depending on the project/task/job. High paying jobs would be Website Development, Photo Editing, Virtual Assistance and Project Management.

Aug 11, 12:41PM EDT0

The price is reasonable

Aug 11, 4:14PM EDT0

Who can become a freelancer?

Aug 11, 1:50AM EDT0

Anyone can be a Freelancer! This is very much open to anyone. As logn as you are capable of working at home and you are able to commit yourself to ork for a client depending on the task then you are all good.

Aug 11, 12:44PM EDT0

I think freelancing is not for lazy people, lol;)

Aug 11, 4:19PM EDT0

What's the best marketing move you've ever made?

Aug 11, 12:22AM EDT0

Hi Smith! Well, one best marketing we had was pushing a mini event to all jobless here in the Philippines. It was a mini event inviting all jobless and who are hunting for work. They submitted their resume, they were filtered according to their expertise and give the chance to apply for US clients virtually.

Aug 11, 12:45PM EDT0

You made good deal. Such events must become a tradition

Aug 11, 4:41PM EDT0

What tools do you use?

Aug 10, 4:06PM EDT0

Common tool we all use is a Time Tracker. All other tools would matter to the nature of job/task. Some clients would require certain tools and software to install.

Aug 11, 12:46PM EDT0

What for do you use it?

Aug 11, 4:10PM EDT0

What is the best way to keep projects on track?

Aug 10, 10:28AM EDT0

Hi there! The best decision we made was dividing them into teams with Team Leaders who facilitates the monitoring of Freelancer-Client ork relationship, completion of tasks and submissions and deadlines.

Aug 11, 12:47PM EDT0

Oh, you found good solution

Aug 11, 5:10PM EDT0

What type of work do you do as a freelancer?

Aug 10, 8:37AM EDT0

Hello! Right now, I am much focused managing MatchUp than freelancing myself. I used to be a Freelancer and have landed several types of work such as Data Entry, VA and Customer Support.

Aug 11, 12:48PM EDT0

What are you responsible for in MatchUp?

Aug 11, 4:36PM EDT0

How long have you been freelancing?

Aug 10, 8:17AM EDT0

Have been a freelancer for so many years. Too many to count, haha yeah really cos I had gigs too which could be part of my Freelancing career. I have been working since my College days and it as just fulfilling.

Aug 11, 12:50PM EDT0

Have you ever wanted to work fir a company?

Aug 11, 4:24PM EDT0

What services do freelancers offer?

Aug 10, 2:18AM EDT0

Freelancers have various tasks. Depends on the skills and on the clients need. Common ones are VA, Customer Support, Data Entry, Social Media Marketing.

Aug 11, 4:12PM EDT0

How do you work long hours and avoid burnout?

Aug 10, 1:36AM EDT0

Hello Lisa. I always mke sure I finish on time. But there are really times when I have to go over time especially when working on weekly reports, census and data analysis. I then make sure to have a good rest afterwards.... I spend my weekend away from home and just enjoy it with my family... Giving your self some time and space is important.

Aug 11, 4:16PM EDT0

Would you rather get more clients, or make more money off existing clients?

Aug 9, 11:43PM EDT0

Hello. Getting more clients is where I am at. MatchUp is all about connecting to people (freelance-client). We always scour for new clients...

Aug 11, 4:17PM EDT0

What sites do you work on?

Aug 9, 11:19PM EDT0

Hi Diane! Well we don't work with other sites really. But we exert some to Social Medias to be able to connect to Freelancers and clients.

Aug 11, 4:18PM EDT0

How much do you charge?

Aug 9, 10:16PM EDT0

Ranging from $5-$20 a month but of course that depends on the kind of work and it's nature.

Aug 11, 4:19PM EDT0

How do you communicate effectively with long-distance clients?

Aug 9, 8:42PM EDT0

Hello there! Emails and chats are our communication tool. We do Video calls as well. Our freelancers will get to experience such during client interview and on their first day at work....

Aug 11, 4:21PM EDT0

What's your work process like?

Aug 9, 7:19PM EDT0

Hi! It's pretty simple actually.. We match Freelancers to Potential clients... We make sure they are a good match and work harmoniously.

Aug 11, 4:22PM EDT0

Who hires freelancers?

Aug 9, 6:39PM EDT0

The client hires them but they go through our thorough process. Both parties. We have sets of rules and policies and things the client needs to provide to ensure that the freelancer lands to a good and paying client...

Aug 11, 4:23PM EDT0

How has the way you do business or the services you're able to offer changed since you went out on your own?

Aug 9, 6:34PM EDT0

Hello! It had an impact. It wasn't easy at first. I had to truggle, we all had. All effort and time were into the project but all was worth it... As I look to where we are right now, we are in a phase where we are reaching our goals and visions.

Aug 11, 4:26PM EDT0

What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

Aug 9, 3:19PM EDT0

Hello Tyler! One important advantage is you get to work from home. Flexibility and working at your own comfort zone.

Aug 11, 4:24PM EDT0

What else are you passionate about outside of work?

Aug 9, 2:57PM EDT0

Hello Steph! Ohhh great question! I love to paint :) not a good painter though but I distress and detach from work through painting.

Aug 11, 4:27PM EDT0
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