MasterSweets: The Card Game AMA

Тихомир Юнаков
Nov 30, 2017


    We are pleased to present you the most delicious card game. No matter whether you are a chef or do not know how to switch on the oven, be ready to enjoy the "MasterSweets" game. You need 3 eggs, 1 glass of sugar, butter... Nope, you need а few minutes for the rules, 15-30 minutes to play and a great sweets mood. And yes, no need to clean up the kitchen after that. 

    MasterSweets: The Card Game is an easy to learn, fast to play, family-friendly game with great repeatability for 1 to 5 players. MasterSweets uses unique game mechanic and has 4 different variants: 

  • "MasterSweets" - competitive
  • “Clash of Sweets” - player elimination
  • “Sweets Workshop” - cooperative
  • “Lonely in The Kitchen” - solo

    My name is Tihomir Yunakov and I am desperately keen on board games. I've been playing board games since my early childhood. Back in the times, the board games were not what they are today and I used to "invent" a few new games to play with my friends. We enjoyed them a lot. I even played them alone against virtual opponents in order to make them better and more balanced. It was then since I started dreaming of people all around the world playing my games.  

     I have finished a degree in Computer Science at Sofia Univesity, in Bulgaria, my home country. The next 10 years I have worked as a software engineer, still being passionate about board games.

     A year ago, the company that I was working for was closed. Instead of a setback, I viewed this as a sign of fate and as an opportunity to take the time and create my own board game. Since then I've been giving all my best to develop MasterSweets. I found adherents in the face of Viktoria and Vesela which believed in and supported me and the project. We have spent the last year in the development of Master Sweets, designing it to bring so much fun so that you will not be able to stop playing. We managed to create a game that has many different variations but remains easy to learn and fast to play at the same time. We've really had a lot of fun making and testing this game. Now it's your turn to enjoy MasterSweets.

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