Look for landscape shifts!! An approach to coming up with ideas for a product or business. I'm Solomon, a value proposition design and DIY wizard. AMA

Solomon Tibebu (Gold)
Nov 10, 2017

A landscape shift is an event that changes the path of least resistance in an economic environment. This event creates an opportunity for new propositions that provide substantially better value to consumers with existing problems or offer solutions to new problems caused by the shift.

Ex:  Smartphone use is rising to a symbiotic level. This "event" has created a shifted landscape in a number of categories. OLD Problem - A new proposition like hail a ride from anywhere (Uber) offers substantially better value to consumers (riders).

NEW Problem - Vision is deteriorating at a faster rate among children due to heavy smartphone use. (This problem did not exist before the event) A filtered screen protector might offer a solution in this new landscape.

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