In need of a professional photoshoot/ video for you or your brand? Or just some sexy fancy dress for this Halloween? Support The Refuge and you can get it all. Come and Ask me Anything :)

María Millan
Oct 12, 2017

I am the Director & Producer of The Refuge, a film that champions women's rights and protests against government's cuts to the mental health budget.  Get involved and u can get me to direct one of your videos or shooting stills for you or your project. 

We also got fantastic clothes for you, and a Premiere that you could assist to come and hang out with our stars: Lujza Richter, known for her role in the latest Paul Thomas Anderson film: Phantom Tread; and Demi Hannah Scott, known for her constant work at SHOWstudio with Nick Knife and for being the face of worldwide campaigns for Uniqlo, Fenty Puma amongst others.







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