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María Millan
Oct 12, 2017

I am the Director & Producer of The Refuge, a film that champions women's rights and protests against government's cuts to the mental health budget.  Get involved and u can get me to direct one of your videos or shooting stills for you or your project. 

We also got fantastic clothes for you, and a Premiere that you could assist to come and hang out with our stars: Lujza Richter, known for her role in the latest Paul Thomas Anderson film: Phantom Tread; and Demi Hannah Scott, known for her constant work at SHOWstudio with Nick Knife and for being the face of worldwide campaigns for Uniqlo, Fenty Puma amongst others.







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As we all know now that Hollywood has claimed about casting couch by the oscar winner Harvey Weinstein! so as in you are from a movie cast, making movies etc. How would you like to share your thoughts with casting couch? How difficult is to get a platform, a chance to brcome an actress for women especially in movie industry?

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Oct 12, 3:22PM EDT0

Thank you, everyone, that made me questions! I did not expect such receptivity. 

Thank you for your interest in this topic and in my film :) 

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. I am here to answer.

Follow our channels and spread the voice about our crowdfunding, please :)

Let's fight against Domestic Violence, Government's cuts to the Mental Health Budget and most important: Let's bring awareness about this topic.

Thank YOU!


Twitter: @therefugefilm








Gracias :)

Oct 12, 1:35PM EDT0

How long did it take you to make this film and what would you say was your biggest challenge? 

Oct 12, 12:10AM EDT0

Hi Lou, 

thanks for your question. Pre-production was one 5 weeks, working 7 days per week, plus 5 days shooting. 

The biggest challenge was to do the shooting while i was ill. I woke up with tonsilitis on day 1, so that wasn't pleasant :(


Oct 12, 12:35PM EDT0

What is the biggest problem currently in the UK that women need more places where they can find refuge?

Oct 11, 3:10PM EDT0

Hi Sarah, 

well the problem is that the government has cut the funding for the existent women's refuges and the rates of Domestic Violence keep increasing :(

This supposed to be emergency places, if these places keep closing their doors there will be even less of a chance for a woman to leave her perpetrator if she doesn't have a place to go.

Even people with friends and relatives are scared to take that big step, they may have children with them, so the situation can get very dark, unfortunately. 

Thank you for that question.

Oct 12, 12:46PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 11, 2:36AM EDT0

Oh Edward, 

is sooooo much work. I haven't had a rest for more than 2 months and my campaign has only been live for less than two weeks. You have to be on it constantly. You need to be prepared physically and mentally.


Oct 12, 12:41PM EDT0

Can you give me a few reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Oct 9, 7:52PM EDT0

Hi dear, 

well, i heard and read good things. Even if you don't meet your goal, is a way to promote your project to a bigger audience.


Oct 12, 12:42PM EDT0

Great work. So what is you next plan if you don't meet your goal.

Oct 12, 1:25PM EDT0

Hi guys, 

i am so excited that my film got your attention. I'll be answering all your questions on Thursday. In the meanwhile you can check this links to my work:






Twitter: @mariamillanart



Oct 9, 5:51PM EDT0

How big is the issue of domestic violence? Is there a big dark number of cases that never get reported?

Oct 9, 5:31PM EDT0

Hi babe, 

yes, you pointed the biggest issue with DV that is not get reported. The stats say that normally the victim waits for ten episodes to happen for then take action. Really sad.


Oct 12, 12:37PM EDT0

How much information should I share on a crowdfunder and how important is it?

Oct 9, 12:49PM EDT0

Hi Veronica, 

i think as much as you can. Is really important that people see you committed to your project.

Wish you the best x

Oct 12, 12:39PM EDT0

How is your film contributing to defuse the situation apart from raising more awareness?

Oct 9, 12:06PM EDT0

Hi John, 

bringing awareness to the problem is a lot. I don't know where you live but i'm shocked that here this situation is no on the cover of big tabloids. 

But besides that, it opens a dialog. From the first day of pre-production when i started working on the script, recruiting crew, casting. etc you have to talk about it. People tell you their stories, you hear, you share, i think that's very important.


Oct 12, 12:50PM EDT0

Why do you think the government is closing places down, do you think they have a bigger agenda?

Oct 9, 1:45AM EDT0

Hi girl, 

for my own experience, i felt that instead of helping they pushed you to an edge. I felt way more hopeless trying to get help in different places, spending endless hours on the phone for nothing. 

I can't say for sure what they are trying to do, but when you are mentally not well, you don't do things well, you can't function, so if you miss a question in a form, or if you don't remember exactly the day that you were abused, or you didn't show up at the right time because you've been crying all day, and without being able to sleep, then you don't fill the "criteria" so they can't provide you any help... but of course, if your "fault".

Mental health is underestimated, unfortunately. 

Thank you for your question :)

Oct 12, 12:58PM EDT0

Is the film finished, or are you crowdfunding for the money to make it?

Oct 8, 10:50PM EDT0

Hi dear, 

The film is done and edited, however, we need money to fund sound design, DCP copies that festival request (cheapest place i found was £215), festival submissions (that can be very expensive considering there are tons of film festivals and u want your film to be seen), Promotional material that the festival request as well, and promotion of the film indeed. 

Thank you!

Oct 12, 1:06PM EDT0

Are you basically auctioning your services for funding?

Oct 8, 10:23PM EDT0

Hi Christian, 

hahah yes. I asked myself what is the best i can offer? And Directing and Taking Photographs was the answers. 

Here is my portfolio: www.mariamillan.com



Oct 12, 1:02PM EDT0

Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Oct 8, 8:25AM EDT0

Is it a good idea to include a video in the crowdfunders and why?

Oct 8, 6:21AM EDT0

Sure! I read a lot about it and apparently increased your chances up to 40% to get funded. 


Oct 12, 1:08PM EDT0

Is crowdfunding just about money or are there other benefits?

Oct 8, 1:18AM EDT0

HI mike, 

for me crowdfunding is about increasing your audience. Even if you don't get funded, you are putting your product in a big platform and you never know who may come your way and help you out. 

I am not near my goal, unfortunately, but i've gotten podcast, newsletters, etc talking about it, and that ultimately will help you.

Cheers, Mike.

Oct 12, 1:10PM EDT0

Do you think that the problem of mental health issues is steadily increasing and why?

Oct 7, 7:21PM EDT0

Hi Michael, 

definitely. There are so many reasons that affect this problem. There is so much fear, so much oppression, and no help. 

Is very hard for women to get help not just because there is little, but because society tagged you as "crazy" so then it makes it hard for you to find a job, to keep your children, to be accepted. 

If you need to leave your perpetrator, you need money, a place, emotional support, so things can get very hard if you feel you are not being taken seriously.

Thank you for your interest in this topic and my film :)

Oct 12, 1:16PM EDT0

How easy or difficult is it to get help in the UK?

Oct 7, 7:11PM EDT0

HI Jonathan, 

is very, very hard. You have to speak about it to a bunch of strangers, they keep saying: We don't offer that service anymore, call this number, and then u call and nobody answers, or they tell you to call the previous people. 

They ask you to go here, there, to fill forms, to show so many requirements, etc... is so much hassle for a person mentally and physically unwell. 

Thank you for your interest in this topic and my film :)

Oct 12, 1:29PM EDT0

How did you choose your crew? Are you planning on particiapting in film festivals?

Oct 7, 2:27AM EDT0

Hi Shilpa, 

i posted an open call online, i spoke with other filmmakers, they suggested people, they brought people to the team :)

Thank you for your interest in this topic and my film :)

Oct 12, 1:25PM EDT0

What inspired you to make this film?

Oct 6, 2:46PM EDT0

Hello Melodyama, 

unfortunately, i was victim of Domestic Violence myself, trying to get help was awful, i was deeply depressed for more than year and if i can help at least one person to speak up, to bring awareness, to offer help to a woman in danger, then i will! 

That was the most horrible time of my life that marked me forever, and i don't wish anyone to go through that.

Thank you for your interest in this topic and my film :)

Oct 12, 1:24PM EDT0
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