I'm exploring "THE END OF THE END of the world," with my post apocalyptic short film, Rebuild. -- AMA

Nikki Wallin
Oct 10, 2017

Rebuild is a short post apocalyptic action that follows a tomahawk weilding survivor in the wasteland and her partner. They cut through merging "Screechers" and when impending doom comes, the unpredictable happens. This is just a stepping stone towards our feature film plans, where we explore what it takes to "Rebuild" after an apocalypse.

Our short script has already won first place at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures film festival and placed top 10 in the filmatic screenplay awards.

We are currently in our crowdfunding phase and need shares, likes and donations! Please help!Please visit : www.rebuildmovie.com for more.


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Let's get started!

Have you made any other films in the past?

Oct 11, 2:59PM EDT0

I've mostly been in front of the camera. If you check my IMDB I have 18 credits.

I have, however, made a trailer called "Children of Pellah" and have also made the Kenkosei commercials thus far :



Oct 12, 1:39PM EDT0

Did you write the entire screenplay yourself?

Oct 11, 10:37AM EDT0

Initially yes. I have had many long talks with friends and other writers who have helped me shape the script where it is today, so I cant totally say it was all me.

Oct 12, 1:36PM EDT0

Why did you choose a post-apocalyptic theme?

Oct 11, 12:28AM EDT0

I have always been attracted to "survival" movies. There is so much room for creative potential that It is a great theme to play with.

Very excited to slowly reveal what I have created with you.

Oct 12, 1:35PM EDT0

How many cast characters will the film have?

Oct 10, 9:46PM EDT0

For the short there is 2 main leads. One has already been casted and the other is still TBA.The feature has many roles to fill. It is our goal to have at least 50% female and at least more than 50% non-caucasian. 

Oct 10, 9:52PM EDT0

Do you intend to invest a lot of your budget into special effects?

Oct 10, 9:20PM EDT0

We have 3 main chunks that will take alot of the budget.

1. VFX

2. Practical Effects

3. Gear

These are essential to make this film which is why we are doing the all or nothing campaign.

Oct 10, 9:24PM EDT0

Your project looks awesome congratulations! I thought you might like to check out an AuthorAMA from an upcoming author - Enjoy :) 

Last edited @ Oct 10, 7:31PM EDT.
Oct 10, 7:31PM EDT0

Thanks! Send me a link and I will check it out :)

Oct 10, 9:22PM EDT0

Have you created the script and screenplay yet?

Oct 10, 5:44AM EDT0

Yes :) 

I have written a 90 page screenplay from which I pulled 5 pages from to make "the short" Our short has won a few awards already and we are excited to start filming once our crowdfunding campaign reaches our goal!

Oct 10, 1:45PM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Oct 10, 5:02AM EDT0

Research. There are plenty of resources to start your base. Kickstarter and Indie go go have great "how to" guides to inspire you.

Network. You can't do this alone. You will need a team on your project to help spread socially. Getting the word out is at least half the battle.

Listen. There are lots of people out there who have been through it and have so many tips and advice to give. When you get to the crowdfunding stage it is harder than you think, even if you already think it's hard. But it's not impossible.

Build a team of support. You will have up days and down days, and on those down days, you will need someone to be there to remind you of how great the project really is and how many people believe in you. You will also need someone to celebrate when the success comes through.

That's all I can think of from the top of my head.

Oct 10, 1:43PM EDT0

Congratulations on making first prize in the Hollywood International Moving Pictures film festival. Did you enter many competitions and do you think this will help with your crowdfunder?

Oct 10, 3:53AM EDT0

Thank you! We were quite excited when we heard the news! We did also receive the top 10 for the filmatic screenplay awards.We only entered a handful of competitions. There are entry fees and they add up very quickly! Upon recieving these merits, we've actually been contacted by a few private investors who are helping with part of the funding. This also gives credibility to the script which I believe will make potential funders a little more confident in the project.

Honestly, it also helped me as a writer to know where the script stands in the upcoming competitions and that it's to the point where it's ready to go to camera.

Last edited @ Oct 10, 4:23PM EDT.
Oct 10, 1:35PM EDT0

Is it a good idea to include a video in the crowdfunders and why?

Oct 10, 2:16AM EDT0

YES YES AND YES!I don't know of any crowdfunding campaign that does not have a video. You can't meet everyone around the world in person, this is the easiest way for you to show who YOU are. This is "who" the money is going to, and just a photo wont give an investor much confidence in the project.

Oct 10, 1:30PM EDT0

What part of the population do you think are the best candidates for funding a crowdfunding campaign?

Oct 9, 11:02PM EDT0

That all really depends on your content and target audience. For Rebuild, we have had the most success in women who are pushing for a stronger female future. We have a female director, concept artist, stunt coordinator and writer which are selling points to any woman who wants to see equalism in the film industry.

Oct 10, 1:25PM EDT0

What was the inspiration behind the short film?

Oct 9, 10:21PM EDT0

My favorite question!!!


It was a dream actually. Quite a few years ago I dreamt I was running through a barren wasteland with a friend and trying to hide. We found a flimsy spot but it was our only choice. As a whorde of zombies were approaching us, we knew it was over... but they never came.

We stepped out from our place and I looked over the ledge to see all of the zombies dead. A noise startled me and i looked over to see people emerge from the rubble... and then I woke up.

This dream stuck with me for a year or two until I started to write it down and it formed this beast of a story. Now it's ready to finally go to film (fingers crossed)

Oct 10, 1:16PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 9, 10:07PM EDT0

Get the word out! You can never start too soon! If you don't constantly post and talk about your project, alot of people who want to help miss it.Also think creatively, contact bloggers, papers, anyone with a public reach. It's really weird and scary at first, but you will find there's alot of people receptive to a passion project.

Oct 10, 1:12PM EDT0

How different do you feel your concept is compared to anything else out there right now?

Oct 9, 8:47PM EDT0

Our concept is unique in that It is set in that often-overlooked time period between The Walking Dead and something like Mad Max. The time period where whatever happens to destroy the world as we know it ends, and the quest to rebuild a post-apocalyptic civilized society begins.

When I explain the concept to others their mind starts going too and i've had some pretty interesting converstations that have formed out of this. I'm excited to get it all on the big screen!

Last edited @ Oct 10, 4:21PM EDT.
Oct 10, 1:09PM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Oct 9, 5:33PM EDT0

This campaign is an all or nothing campaign, so if it fails, we unfortunately are back to square 1 which is applying for funding and searching for more private investors until something clicks.

Last edited @ Oct 10, 4:26PM EDT.
Oct 10, 1:04PM EDT0

Have you hired a marketing specialist to help you make this campaign a success?

Oct 9, 4:46PM EDT0

I have not hired a marketing specialist per se, but I have interviewed, researched, brain picked and studied as many people as I possibly could.

Oct 10, 1:01PM EDT0

Have you started filming already and where do you film?

Oct 9, 3:18PM EDT0

We have!

We have filmed 2 "Kenkosei" commercials which is the virus that caused the apocalypse. Please check them out at



We are filming in Vancouver British Columbia. We hope for the rest of the filming to move into the intierior near Ashcroft, Cache Creek or Meritt when we are ready to finish the feature.

Oct 10, 12:10PM EDT0

How long is the film?

Oct 9, 1:46PM EDT0

The short film will run around 5 minutes. The feature film will run around 90.

Oct 10, 12:07PM EDT0

Is this a book already?

Oct 9, 12:51PM EDT0

I wish! My talents lie in script writing rather than novel writing. Perhaps someday someone will want to partner up and write the book version :)

Oct 10, 12:07PM EDT0

It seems like a new post-apocalypic movie comes out every week, What makes your different or more interesting?

Oct 9, 12:44PM EDT0

It does doesn't it? and I LOVE IT! But yes, we have something a little different than the rest and the key is in the tagline... "the END OF THE END of the world..."


Our story actually explores the moment where all the zombies (we call them screechers) die. When you have been killing human-like creatures for 15 years and then all the sudden they all fall... what do you do? How do you feel? Can this world return to normal after all those years? How do you... Rebuild.

This short film sets up the theme and we plan to go more in depth in the feature. Little things such as "How to craft a perfect fork" have been lost. We have to pick up the pieces and figure out how to be domesticated humans again.

Oh, and PS... the film is set in the 90's.

Oct 10, 12:06PM EDT0

Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Oct 9, 12:35PM EDT0

Of course! Rebuild's social media is :

Web : www.rebuildmovie.com 

Twitter : twitter.com/RebuildMovie

Facebook : www.facebook.com/rebuildmovie/

Instagram : www.instagram.com/rebuildmovie/

My actress account is :

Web : www.nikkiwallin.com/

Twitter : twitter.com/Turbo_Nikki

Facebook : www.facebook.com/nikkiwallinactress/

Instagram : www.instagram.com/turbo_nikki/

Please come by and say hi!

Oct 10, 11:58AM EDT0

Hi Nikki, What is the biggest challenge you have handled in this project so far and how?

Oct 9, 12:02PM EDT0

Funding! lol.  My script contains alot of action, blood, and VFX so I need to secure funds to make sure my team has what they need before going to camera. 

Oct 10, 11:53AM EDT0

Can you give me some reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Oct 9, 11:40AM EDT0

Financing is not easy. Unless you are rich or have a rich relative you will need money to make a product. I am fortunate enough to have a big group of people who believe in this project and are more than excited to help.

The second benefit is reach. Not only does it help out financially, it encourages people to share the project, which in turn builds your audience creating more buzz and excitement for the release of your film.

Last edited @ Oct 10, 4:24PM EDT.
Oct 10, 11:49AM EDT0

Where are you from and have you been interested in acting all your life?

Oct 9, 11:38AM EDT0

I am from Vancouver BC and I have been intetested in acting since I was about 5... I have a love/hate relationship with it. Everytime I try to leave, it pulls be back.

Oct 10, 11:47AM EDT0

How much information should I share on a crowdfunder and how important is it?

Oct 9, 11:22AM EDT0

Share everything that sells! You need to cover the base of who, what, where, when, and why. The more your audience knows you and relates to your message, the more likely they will put in a few bucks, but keep it precise and to the point.The only thing I would omit is your personal details (phone number, address, etc).

Oct 10, 11:46AM EDT0
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