I published my first book (Dreaming in Silence), I launched my Kickstarter campaign ('Keep Dreaming') and I want to change the way people think about achieving their dreams. #AMA

Jamaar Anthony Wilson
Jan 11, 2018

My name is Jamaar Wilson, I hope everyone is having a blessed and phenomenal week. 

This thread is a space for the dreamers. The people who believe the skills and talents they have been blessed with can lead them in the direction of their fullest potential. 

I published my first book, Dreaming in Silence: Finding Your Life's Purpose under this pretense; that there are some inherent skills, goals, ideas, and talents that we each possess. I wanted to create a step-by-step guide that would lead people from the dream space to the achievement space. I wanted to help my community to grow by uplifting those who needed a subtle push in the direction of their dreams. 

From that space, 'Keep Dreaming', the Kickstarter campaign was created. The idea came directly from the book, how can I be a catalyst for someone who is ever struggling to achieve their dreams, stuck at the starting line as it pertains to their dreams, or just plain lost without a cause? 'Keep Dreaming' is a way to buy into someone else, to invest in their dreams and create meaningful change for those individuals. I wanted to create shipment boxes, something like subscription based boxes and send them out to individuals trying to get their creative fire going. There will be a copy of the book, a custom 'Keep Dreaming' journal, a 'Keep Dreaming' T-shirt, an iPad, and lastly 'Keep Dreaming' stickers. 

This is an opportunity to do some amazing good. I am here to answer any of your questions and look forward to speaking with everyone in the near future. 

Ask away! #AMA

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Please feel free to email me about coaching for self-development. I do online training and would love to help you reach the level you seek in every area of your lives. Much love, success, and happiness. 

Jan 13, 6:55PM EST0 Reply

Explain the type of courage I can use to pursue my goals into becoming a reality,

Jan 13, 2:29PM EST0 Reply

Daring. Fearlessness. These are two types of courage that you need in order to bring your dreams/goals to life. Daring means willing to take the leap of faith, even when you can not see a soft landing zone. This means being able to jump knowing that you will not escape unscathed. This also takes the realization that if you don't jump you still will not escape unscathed. 

Fearlessness means you are not afraid to act even in spite of the obstacles, pitfalls, and perceived dangers on the road to success. This means that you can understand the only real fear is being fearful. 

Jan 13, 6:48PM EST0 Reply

What can I do to change what is holding me back from achieving my dreams?

Jan 13, 1:02PM EST0 Reply

I would love to help more by answering this question, but I would need to get more information. What are you trying to achieve? 

Jan 13, 6:49PM EST0 Reply

How can I transform my thoughts into a physical reality?

Jan 13, 12:36PM EST0 Reply

Your thoughts are already becoming physical manifestations. What you want to do is change them into positive physical manifestations. And for this to take place, you must first study your thoughts. What echoes within your mind? Do you hold positive or negative images in your mind? Do you meditate or practice silence daily? Do you replace the negative self-talk with positive self-talk? By taking time to see what is being held in your mind, then looking to replace it, you can begin to make your thoughts manifest in the physical realm. 

Jan 13, 6:53PM EST0 Reply

How does purpose contribute to making things better in life?

Jan 12, 10:22AM EST0 Reply

Everything in life is designed for a specific purpose. In this ecosystem we inhabit, each thing is specifically and strategically crafted to fulfill some function. Most importantly, when things operate according to their intended purpose, life moves with synergy. If a pediatrician was trying to perform a root canal, you would say that pediatrician is not acting according to their purpose. That practice of dentistry is not within their scope of duties. So when you look at that, you can see that when things operate according to their intended purpose, things in life are moving with synergy. Math teachers teach math, they don't teach biochemistry. Gym teachers teach gym, not English. Firefighters fight fires, not arrest criminals. So when things are in line with their intended purpose=meaningful contribution to the synergy of life. 

Jan 12, 7:45PM EST0 Reply

How can I know what is holding me back from my ideal life, as far as my dreams are concerned?

Jan 12, 9:43AM EST0 Reply

If you feel conflicted, if you feel worried about your progress, if you are looking at goals, ideas, and concepts that are just sitting there and not being utilized, then you can tell that you are being held back from your ideal life. Your ideal life feels good, it is fulfilling, it is vibrant, it is passionate, it has energy and vitality, and if those feelings don't arise when you are doing the day to day actions that make up your life, then you are off course. 

Jan 12, 7:49PM EST0 Reply

Between a dream, you dream together and a dream you dream alone, which is easier to achieve?

Jan 12, 5:13AM EST0 Reply

Collaborative dreams are easy to attain when aligned with the right person. You have to be tethered to the right type of person or group in order to easily achieve your dreams. You must find similar minded people and you will see that achieving similar minded goals is easy. 

Jan 12, 7:51PM EST0 Reply

How can I make a stepping stone out of a stumbling block?

Jan 12, 5:07AM EST0 Reply

Perspective. Perspective will help you see that stumbling block as an opportunity to bridge the gap between where you are and where your dreams lie. Perspective is the number one key to changing your outlook during difficult situations. If you see failure or setback as final, then you will be identified by that same failure or setback. So you must shift perspective in every setback. 

Jan 12, 7:53PM EST0 Reply

Can I be too old to set a goal or to dream a dream?

Jan 12, 4:44AM EST0 Reply

You can never be too old, too young, too anything to set a goal or dream a dream. As long as you are breathing, you have an opportunity to dream a new dream, set a new goal, achieve a new milestone, and live a better life.  

Jan 12, 7:54PM EST0 Reply

How do you define the life of your dreams?

Jan 12, 4:26AM EST0 Reply

Vibrant. Energetic. Service Oriented (for the good of the human community). Vital. Happy. Thankful/Grateful. Loving. Charismatic. Passionate. Magnetic/Attracting. This is how I would define the life of your dreams. It is all these feelings wrapped up in one amazing experience after another. 

Jan 12, 7:58PM EST0 Reply

How does the fear of failure make a dream impossible to achieve?

Jan 12, 12:58AM EST0 Reply

The fear of failure can keep you confined to a defeated, deflated, debilitating state of mind. The fear of failure can make you terrified to take a step towards your dreams. 

The fear of failure is one of if not the single most damaging thing along the path to your goals/dreams. You must conquer it; there is no real fear to be frightened of when pursuing your dreams. The battle of fear is a reaction based on a potential hazard; there is nothing hazardous in going after your dreams. The only real hazard is staying still in the same place because you do not grow. And what does not grow surely dies. 

Jan 12, 8:02PM EST0 Reply

How could you support the fact that; the purpose of life is a life of purpose?

Jan 12, 12:03AM EST0 Reply

That is a phenomenal question! 

I will say that by design, life is about finding purpose. The very purpose of life is to live a life driven by some meaningful purpose. Otherwise, we only wander from experience to experience never fully living or being able to live in that experience. Without some meaningful purpose, you are merely existing to the tune of every wind that blows. When you know, you go. You go in such a way that fulfills you and incites others to take notice. 

Jan 12, 8:37PM EST0 Reply

Why are goals considered as dreams without deadlines?

Jan 11, 11:34PM EST0 Reply

I think that goals do have deadlines and are in the same category of dreams. Actually, I think that goals have defined deadlines and your are sometimes more compelled to work on them those rather than your dreams. Hmmm, that is interesting. 

Jan 12, 8:39PM EST0 Reply

How can I hold fast to my dreams? If I don't and my dreams die, what consequences will I suffer?

Jan 11, 10:45PM EST0 Reply

Regret ensues when you do not act and are confronted with the reality that you can not go backward. You must act on your dreams. Don't sit and try to clutch them tightly; the purpose of your dreams is to not only change your life but to enhance this ecosystem called Earth. Give your dreams freely to those in need of your unique perspective/insight and they will never leave you. 

Jan 12, 8:41PM EST0 Reply

Do you think a dream can become reality through magic? If YES, explain how?

Jan 11, 10:23PM EST0 Reply

I am not sure I am equipped to answer that question because I am not too familiar with magic. I do think the magic of achieving your dreams is powerful and exhilarating, but I am not sure that the use of magic to achieve dreams falls within my expertise. 

Jan 12, 8:34PM EST0 Reply

Do all men dream equally? If no, why do dreams differ from one person to the other?

Jan 11, 10:23PM EST0 Reply

How can we live to taste experience to the utmost, through our purpose?

Jan 11, 10:05PM EST0 Reply

Amazing question. We can live to taste experience to the utmost through our purpose by continuing to engage with and live our purpose more intentionally. We can act more deliberately on our purpose. We can act in direct harmony and not against our uniquely designed purpose. Each of us has some inherently built-in purpose that we can tap into. It is only when we act on it every single day, that we become more able to live in the fullness of our gifts. 

Jan 12, 8:32PM EST0 Reply

How can I develop my potential in order to achieve infinite possibilities?

Jan 11, 5:10PM EST0 Reply

Work on yourself constantly. Work on yourself more each day. Work on yourself so much that you become expanded in your skills, in your vocabulary, in your thinking, in your love and compassion for others, in your understanding of yourself. Growth=success. Successful people grow. Unsuccessful people stay stuck in the same mentality. 

Jan 12, 8:29PM EST0 Reply

Can your dreams lead one astray also?

Jan 11, 4:08PM EST0 Reply

Is it possible for someone to dwell on his dreams and forget to live?

Jan 11, 2:53PM EST0 Reply

It is possible to dwell too long and not take action. There is a quote that I think speaks directly to this point. We think too long and don't take action.  The quote goes, "On any important decision, one can never have 100% of the information needed to make a good decision. And if one waits too long, he/she has another problem entirely. Such is the fat of the hesitant decision maker." 

Don't lose too much of your life thinking and going back and forth about things. Make a decision, learn from it, and move forward. 

Jan 12, 8:27PM EST0 Reply

At what age should someone begin recording his dreams and goals on paper? Or should they?

Jan 11, 12:40PM EST0 Reply

As soon as possible. Like immediately the moment the person becomes conscious and aware of their thoughts and can articulate their desires, they should begin recording. 

Jan 12, 8:24PM EST0 Reply

How can I trust my instincts in order to pursue a dream that I can’t let go?

Jan 11, 10:51AM EST0 Reply

If your body, your spirit, all your energy is pointing you in a particular direction, you have to trust it. Go fearlessly in the direction that you are being pointed. There is no right or wrong, just experience you grow from.  

Jan 12, 8:22PM EST0 Reply

Why do many people fail in life? Do you think it’s for lack of brain and ability?

Jan 11, 6:47AM EST0 Reply

The answer can be seen as circumstantial. There are some who lack the mental capabilities to craft and execute on their dreams. But I am of a different mindset; I think people can learn and almost will themselves to experience their best desires and ultimately their best life. But most don't have the ability to continue pressing in spite of the challenges and setbacks. The consistent action no matter the circumstances is missed on so many people especially those who have suffered some sort of setback. That is why most fail: they do not have the will to keep going in spite of what goes on around you. 

Jan 12, 8:13PM EST0 Reply

What are some of the ways that dreams deliver us from human prison?

Jan 11, 6:46AM EST0 Reply

Dreams give us a trailer as to what our lives have the potential to be. Outside of our daily hustle, our daily responsibilities, our daily commitments, dreams give us a chance to see something beyond our current circumstances. If we are trapped in mental purgatory, then dreaming is an opportunity to see something completely different. 

Jan 12, 8:08PM EST0 Reply

How can I keep my heart open to dream?

Jan 11, 6:03AM EST0 Reply

Learn about your dreams/goals. Study them. Play with them. Work on your dreams every day. Plan your dreams out. Take action each day; do one thing that can put you in line with your dreams. 

Jan 12, 8:06PM EST0 Reply

Is it acceptable to change/adjust your goals in life from time to time?

Jan 10, 8:08PM EST0 Reply

Goals, as well as life, should have some flexibility. They are not rigid; you have to adjust for what is to come. You are going to make plans and they are going to fall through. You are going to miss the mark by the smallest of margins. So you have to be flexible. There has to be a balance between "I am going to do this no matter what" and "I am going to do this while adjusting for potential setbacks, pitfalls, and detours. 

Jan 11, 12:06AM EST0 Reply

What are some goals you have that you need to reevaluate and maybe adjust? I'd love to know how I can help

Jan 11, 12:07AM EST0 Reply

What is the main bridge between goals and accomplishment?

Jan 10, 10:11AM EST0 Reply

The bridge between goals is consistent action in the right direction. Think of it this way: there are only two points on a map that matter. The place where you are and the place where you desire (not want but desire) to go. The only way to get there is by moving towards the desired destination one step, one moment at a time. Keep putting one foot in fromt of the other no matter how many times you get tripped up. You must consistently take one more step. Don't focus on anything else. Eyes fixated on the point you'd like to arrive at. 

Jan 11, 12:11AM EST0 Reply

Why do people lose sight of their goals when circumstances cause delays and interruptions?

Jan 10, 6:19AM EST0 Reply

What are some of the indicators of a purposeful-directed life?

Jan 10, 5:45AM EST0 Reply
  1. Passion
  2. Compassion
  3. Love
  4. Understanding
  5. Insight
  6. Happiness
  7. Truth
  8. Honesty
  9. Humility
  10. Giving
  11. Wealth
  12. Spirituality
  13. Perspective
Jan 12, 8:42PM EST0 Reply

Can you give us the link of your book and also do you have any social media accounts for us to follow?

Jan 10, 5:27AM EST0 Reply
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