I Need Help for Funding My Campaign-AMA

Oct 11, 2017

I have started a project to establish a permaculture farm in Sri Lanka.Providing funding for the project has become difficult now.But I do not want to stop this from going.Therefore, I have taken measures to use the Internet to secure funding.My project has been posted on www.wethetrees.com.Through this website, you can donate your funding to this project.By this project, I mean that our poor farmers will have some kind of benefit.So, please help to make successed this project.

You can access the project with the following link.


Dulanjaya1@ says:

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what is permaculture.

Nov 29, 1:04PM EST0

What do you want to promote about?

Nov 18, 7:54AM EST0

How many people do you have working for you?

Nov 7, 6:37PM EST0

What is your educational and professional background?

Nov 7, 1:58PM EST0

Who are your advisors in terms of what is needed to help?

Nov 6, 6:23AM EST0

Are you from Sri Lanka originally?

Nov 4, 3:11PM EDT0

Have you approached any "Angel Investors" about this project?

Nov 4, 9:54AM EDT0

What plants and animals are you anticipating to purchase?

Oct 31, 9:16PM EDT0

Is it a good idea to include a video in the crowdfunders and should it be professionally edited?

Oct 31, 9:15PM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Oct 28, 6:22PM EDT0

What do you like least about this type of farming?

Oct 28, 4:05PM EDT0

What are the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Oct 22, 3:08AM EDT0

What is permaculture?

Oct 20, 8:59PM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Oct 19, 7:25PM EDT0

Have you studied permaculture and can you briefly explain what it involves?

Oct 19, 2:32PM EDT0

How much have you raised from your crowdfunding campaign?

Oct 19, 10:55AM EDT0

Have you contacted any famous people or charities to see if they can help in some way?

Oct 18, 8:06PM EDT0

Do you have plans to exchange and preserve seeds in the future?

Oct 17, 9:44AM EDT0
Oct 11, 8:23PM EDT0

Thank You Jenred. I will check it.

Oct 12, 8:00AM EDT0

How many people are involved in this campaign?

Oct 11, 2:58PM EDT0

Hello Vukasin,

A total of 9 regular and many non-regular people.Especially university students and lecturers.

Oct 12, 7:15AM EDT0

What exactly will you use the crowdfunded capital for?

Oct 11, 2:56PM EDT0

We have a land.We need these funds to building construction and get other items.

Oct 12, 7:19AM EDT0

What has been the most difficult part of getting this project off the ground?

Oct 11, 2:54PM EDT0

Funds and government patronage.Because many of our members are still university students.

Oct 12, 7:21AM EDT0

Is it favorable to share as much information as possible for a campaign that affects everyone?

Oct 11, 6:34AM EDT0

Hello Sulabh,

I do agree with you.But I think it's important.

Oct 12, 7:24AM EDT0

Where have you shared your campaign so far?

Oct 11, 5:13AM EDT0


I have not yet shared anywhere else.I am new to the crowdfunding.On the other I always tried to do this at my own expense.But I realized that it was very difficult.

Oct 12, 7:27AM EDT0

What inspired you to help raising funds and what motivated you to help?

Oct 11, 4:29AM EDT0

Hello NICZ,

Starting this was ceased day by day because money shortages.This is what led me to find funding.

Oct 12, 7:31AM EDT0

How long ago did you start the project?

Oct 11, 1:32AM EDT0

Hello Paulynna,

About eight months now.But this is stopping because of certain reasons.At this time, we did not have the opportunity to do something other than finding a land.

Oct 12, 7:33AM EDT0

Are you trying to involve more people into starting similar projects?

Oct 11, 12:34AM EDT0


Yes, of course.But only those who have this desire.And they should not be expected to other benefits from these projects.Because it's hinder to there future.

Oct 12, 7:37AM EDT0

How much have you invested into this project to date?

Oct 10, 11:11PM EDT0

Hello Anthony,

Currently, about 800 US dollars.

Oct 12, 7:39AM EDT1

What inspired you to start this project?

Oct 9, 6:53PM EDT0

Hello Brandon,

The agriculture in our country has been interrupted.Farmers in our country have committed to suicide by poisoning because they have failed to cultivate their cultivations and failed to sell their products.You can see that from this link.https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2005/11/suic-n21.html

This is what I have inspired to that.

Oct 12, 7:52AM EDT0

What lessons have you learnt so far?

Oct 9, 1:56PM EDT0

Dear Shilpa,

I do not understand your question.Will you ask about my education?

Oct 12, 7:55AM EDT0

How were you funding this project before you turned to crowdfunding?

Oct 9, 1:22PM EDT0

Hello Melody,

The money received from our own and earned money from some activities, we have put to this.

Oct 12, 7:58AM EDT0
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