Help needed with aviation school. I am going to begin flight school and participate in charity flight programs. Just started a fundraiser for those who want to help me. Ask me anything !

Marian Madalin
Sep 17, 2017

My name is Marian, age 26, I will start the aviation school and I need some help to obtain my license. I also started a fundraiser for those who want to help me. Check the link below:

Aviation fundraising campaign

Please donate and share by Paypal or direct bank donation. No private info will be visible to me !

After I obtain the license, I am planning to aquire a fully equiped medical and utility helicopter and involve in some charity flights for the sick people as well as in the community or utility missions for the community, such as delivery of food and meds into remote areas, forest fire fighting, fallen trees removal from the ground as well as volunteer in medical transportation.

I just started a fundraiser in order to do that and I hope maybe some of you would want to give me a hand, help me get through this. Link is below picture.

Marian Madalin says:

This AMA will end Dec 30, 2017 7PM EST

Update (Sep 25, 12:29PM EDT):

Marian Madalin says:

This is the official Aviation school fundraiser 

Update (Sep 29, 5:55PM EDT):

Marian Madalin says:

This is my official fundraiser

Update (Sep 29, 6PM EDT):

Marian Madalin says:

This is my official fundraiser if all the other links are expired, old, show errors or no content !

Fundraiser for flight school 


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Do you have any prior experience with flying? How long have you liked aviation and flying?

Dec 15, 5:00AM EST0

I already replied below to this type of question. Next time, read carefully before you ask.

Dec 15, 5:53AM EST0

May I ask how much do you need to obtain your license? 

Dec 14, 9:37AM EST0

Yes, but it will be deleted by the admins of the community.

Around 15 thousand euros , equivalent of 18-19 thousand dollars.

Dec 14, 11:36AM EST0

Did you seek help from other organizations like church or fund raising groups?

Dec 8, 11:08PM EST0

No and I have no intention.

Dec 9, 5:37AM EST0

Other than going to flight school, do you have any other alternatives?

Dec 3, 1:45AM EST0

No, not really.

Dec 3, 8:34AM EST0

How do you make a living.

Nov 30, 7:31AM EST0

I work part time as an engineering operative manager and I also have a passive income.

Nov 30, 8:43AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 1, 3:33PM EDT0

Romania, Bucharest.

Nov 1, 3:46PM EDT0

What made you decide to help people through this way instead of other forms charity?

Oct 29, 1:44PM EDT0

This is the fastest way . Delivers immediate results .

Oct 29, 2:19PM EDT0

What your greatest achievements? 

Oct 22, 3:11AM EDT0

Already training to get my pilot license. 

Oct 22, 10:46AM EDT0

Who is your inspiration on doing charity works? you are such a good person.

Oct 21, 9:36AM EDT0

Lots of volunteers from the Army, the Red Cross, UNICEF, a few businessman from my country , like former tennis player Iie Nastase, Nadia Comaneci etc.

Oct 21, 10:54AM EDT0

This is my official fundraiser if the other links do not work, do not show content or show errors, or they are expired.

Fundraiser for flight school 

Sep 29, 5:59PM EDT0


Sep 21, 11:08PM EDT0

Tracy, mind your own fundraiser. Thanks.

Sep 22, 12:49AM EDT0

Do you have any prior experience with flying? How long have you liked aviation and flying?

Sep 18, 1:25PM EDT0

Actually I do have a previous experience. A brother of one of my highschool teacher was an airplane pilot and he showed us a demonstration in his time off work. I love aviation and flying since then and after I participated to an aircraft expo show.

Sep 18, 3:39PM EDT0

Which part of the world are you planning to perform these tasks?

Sep 18, 4:23AM EDT0

Sorry to dissapoint you, but mostly Europe, I am also planning to help the refugees. 

Sep 18, 5:50AM EDT0

What medical training have you had so far?

Sep 18, 2:50AM EDT0

No medical training, I already have some friends who are romanian doctors, who studied medicine in Austria.

Sep 18, 5:49AM EDT0

What flight experience have you had?

Sep 18, 12:17AM EDT0

None, just started flight school. Oh my God, I am talking to trees.

Sep 18, 5:48AM EDT0

What volunteer work have you done previously?

Sep 17, 9:57PM EDT0

In the aviation field, none. But as a recycling group member, I involved in getting some computers and books for the schools in my neighbourhood.

Sep 17, 10:00PM EDT0

What guarentees can you give that once you have your license you will do charitable work? 

Sep 17, 7:24PM EDT0

1. First of all, if I wanted to do some aviation business, I would had lend an aircraft for my own from a private owner in my country. I would not have started a fundraiser.

2. I made a promise to the authorities in my country, as well as the hospitals.

3. I already appeared on a news based website. After I get license and aircraft, this website will publish an online world-wide story about my activity.

Sep 17, 9:08PM EDT0
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What got you interested in helicopters, why not planes?

Sep 17, 12:28AM EDT0

Helicopters are easier to control, have more mobility and can land almost anymore, can fly in extreme weather, they are not that vulnerable and difficult to maintain as planes.

Sep 17, 4:33AM EDT0
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How much does the license cost and how long is the training?

Sep 16, 9:24PM EDT0

What is your financial goal with your fund raising? 

Sep 17, 9:58PM EDT0
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Have you always been interested in helping others?

Sep 16, 3:56PM EDT0

Yes, I have involved in many volunteer campaigns, like the European Community campaign to gather a lot of volunteers for immigration and external fields, social help, and I am also a member of Freecycle local network, Freecycle Bucharest, who takes care of local community donations for people like books, school stuff, clothes, furniture, electronics and sometimes even food.

Sep 16, 4:02PM EDT0
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Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Sep 16, 3:17PM EDT0

Yes, of course. Here it is :

Personal Facebook Page

Sep 16, 3:46PM EDT0
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What are the benefits of fundraising apart from the money?

Sep 16, 1:25PM EDT0

Connecting with people from all over the world. Making new friends, project partners. It's like an world-wide social media network.

Sep 16, 3:49PM EDT0
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What do you feel the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Sep 16, 12:38PM EDT0

The biggest benefit would be having a network of supporters, followers and connections with people from the same field, with the same passion.

Last edited @ Sep 16, 4:03PM EDT.
Sep 16, 3:51PM EDT0
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Did you take control of the plane first time you flew? Have you gone solo, so far?

Sep 16, 11:37AM EDT1

No, I just began training. It will be a little bit far away until there.

Sep 16, 3:50PM EDT0
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What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Sep 16, 11:35AM EDT1

Be sure it has a lot of friends, a big family with many members who have a strong communication and to seek support from their strong bounded local community. To spread the word to as many people as possible , offline, before getting the crowfund campaign online.

Sep 16, 3:54PM EDT0
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What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Sep 16, 11:05AM EDT1

I never thought of that. I have quite few options, like a partnership with a local fast-food business for a quick online promotion, but that's it.

Sep 16, 3:55PM EDT0
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Have you approached shops or retail outlets to donate money or to donate products that could help you as incentives?

Sep 16, 10:45AM EDT1

Yes, I tried but in my country people don't seem to understand the concept of donation, of giving for free, they don't have the mentality as in the modern countries.

Sep 16, 3:57PM EDT0
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Do you have a link to your campaign?

Sep 16, 9:44AM EDT1
Sep 16, 9:54AM EDT0
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Have you thought of hiring someone to help you make this campaign a success?

Sep 16, 8:28AM EDT0

For example ? Someone like a star, an actor, a musician? A board director from Bell or Boeing/Airbus would be difficult to promote my campaign.

Sep 16, 9:18AM EDT0
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Can you give me 4 reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Sep 16, 8:20AM EDT0

1. Everyone from aviation field is on their own, they don't actually care.

2.  Top management from aviation industry does not engage in sponsorship anymore, they behave like mobsters.

3. Not even banks or great corporations don't even bother to give you some funding, not even the government of my country.

4. It is the best option I have in this moment.

Sep 16, 9:21AM EDT0
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Where are you from?

Sep 16, 8:18AM EDT0


Sep 16, 9:22AM EDT0
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Which organization do you plan to work for?

Sep 16, 8:07AM EDT0

For an association of volunteer pilots and I can make a partnership with SMURD, the ambulance service in my country.

Sep 16, 9:23AM EDT0
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Does it cost anything to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 16, 7:24AM EDT0

No, it does not. Feel free to start one of your own. After you raise an amount of money , there is a fee from the bank after you request to withdraw the money.

Sep 16, 9:31AM EDT0
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What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Sep 16, 7:23AM EDT0

It does not work simply to share a link of a Facebook group. And also in my country, Romania, people don't seem to understand the concept of crowdfund.

Sep 16, 9:32AM EDT0
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When and how did you think of this idea?

Sep 16, 5:28AM EDT0

After I saw this amazing rescue:

Helicopter Rescue in the mountains

I can do this myself, with your help.

Sep 16, 9:38AM EDT0
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