Pol Morral Dauvergne
Oct 7, 2017

Hey ! I am Pol: I was born in Barcelona, grew up in France and studied in Puebla (Mexico). I graduated in May and then immediately decided to create my own Startup: "The Mind·Board!"... In a foreign country, without work experience and with almost no money !

Feel free to ask me anything about being an international citizen; judo; startups; Catalonia; France; Mexico or whatever !

Also, if you want to help me to create my Startup, don't hesitate to support my crowdfunding campaign: I still need 3700 euros and any contribution, even small is welcome :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1727704098/the-mindboard

If you want to know more about what I am creating; Go there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk4fdHsfFco

Pol :)

Pol Morral Dauvergne says:

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How long have you been training Judo?

Nov 1, 3:36PM EDT0

What your greatest achievements? 

Oct 22, 3:10AM EDT0

Is this a for-profit venture? It looks like it.

If so, why are you not offering equity?

If we pay for your company to have a chance to be profitable, shouldn't we deserve a piece of the pie we paid for?

Oct 9, 5:37PM EDT0

For how long have you been living in Mexico and where you affected by the earth quake?

Oct 6, 5:29PM EDT0

For two years. Yes, when it happened, I was working at NUMA, in the center of Mexico City where some buildings have fallen. Fortunately, the place where I was is in good condition. During one week, we stopped working to help the others. 

Oct 6, 11:10PM EDT0

How much research have you done in order to see whether a platform like this would be in demand?

Oct 6, 1:17AM EDT0

Two months. 

Oct 6, 4:48PM EDT0

What belt do you have in Judo?

Oct 5, 6:24PM EDT0

Black belt, 2nd Dan

Oct 5, 7:29PM EDT0

Does this game draw inspiration from your travels?

Oct 5, 6:07PM EDT0

Can you give me 5 reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Oct 5, 5:28PM EDT0

- Money 

- Feedback

- Sales experience

- First clients

- Social media experience

Oct 5, 5:37PM EDT0

Is crowdfunding just about money or are there other benefits?

Oct 5, 1:13PM EDT0

Feedback about your service / product and potential clients too :) 

Oct 5, 3:22PM EDT0

What inspired you to launch a startup? Have you secured angel funding or are you bootstrapping?

Oct 5, 11:38AM EDT0

I love judo, and for me launching a startup is pretty much like this sport: courage, dedication, and work for one objective: Success. 

For the moment, bootstrapping, yes.

Oct 5, 5:56PM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Oct 5, 6:58AM EDT0

No back-up plans. It won't fail. 

Oct 5, 5:38PM EDT0

Since when have you been working on the platform and when will it be launched?

Oct 5, 5:54AM EDT0

Since June. It will be launched next month :)

Oct 5, 3:27PM EDT0

How do you recruit the professionals to join?

Oct 5, 5:36AM EDT0

10% personal contacts, 30% specialized websites (For exemple, if I want Microsoft product experts, I contact them via mvp.microsoft.com), 60% Linkedin. 

Oct 5, 4:42PM EDT0

How did you start the company with almost no money? 

Oct 5, 5:30AM EDT0

Thanks to the incubator NUMA Mexico, which accepted me in its batch, and thanks to the financial help of my parents. 

Oct 6, 4:50PM EDT0

Am I correct in assuming that your idea is similar to AMAs or linkedin, reddit, etc. whereby you offer a platform that connect professionals with others?

Oct 5, 4:25AM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Oct 5, 2:16AM EDT0

Do not forget to make a pre-campaign explaing to your friends, family and potential donators what crowdfunding is about and how they can help you. 

Oct 6, 4:54PM EDT0

What inspired you to start this platform?

Oct 5, 2:10AM EDT0

I would say: money, feedback, sales experience, first clients and social media experience.

Oct 6, 4:56PM EDT0

How will you be optimizing your site?

Oct 5, 1:13AM EDT0

We have two IT engineers in the founding team who are in charge of optimizing the site. Moreover, NUMA México (Where we are incubated) provides us UX - UI experts who help us to have the best possible website.

Oct 5, 5:10PM EDT0

How many people are working on this platform and will it be available in various languages?

Oct 5, 12:24AM EDT0

We are 4 co founders. 2 CTOs, 1 CEO, 1 CRO.

At the beggining we will have 20 - 30 Microsoft product experts (MOST VALUABLE PROFESSIONALS) available on the platform which will be available in spanish and english. 

Oct 5, 5:00PM EDT0

Where will you be advertising your platform and are you planning on holding PR events?

Oct 4, 10:07PM EDT0

FB, Google and Twitter ads during one month. Then, we will analyse the different campaigns to see which one works better and keep on with only one channel. We plan on holding PR events in Mexico City where we are based. 

Oct 5, 4:56PM EDT0

Is there a fee to use the platform?

Oct 4, 9:59PM EDT0

Yes, you pay per minute of session and the fee per minute depends on the expert fee. (Every expert can indicate their own prices.)

Oct 5, 4:52PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 4, 9:30PM EDT0

Pre Campaign ! You have to create excel sheets where you put  the names of your friends and family who are likely to help you

Oct 5, 4:49PM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Oct 4, 6:13PM EDT0
Oct 4, 6:17PM EDT0

Hello Pol, why did you create your startup in México? I love the country! 

Oct 4, 5:33PM EDT1

Hello Judith ! Mexico has great business opportunities and very good tech incubators which help you a lot to structure your thoughts and move forward! I am currently incubated at NUMA Mexico and I work in collaboration with the best mexican mentors ! : https://mexico.numa.co

Oct 4, 5:57PM EDT0

Nice! I know Numa 

Oct 7, 12:20PM EDT0
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