Fighting Violence against Women in India using a Found Footage Film. The issue of women's safety is one that concerns each and everyone of us. Look around you, do you know a woman personally who hasn't been cat called or touched inappropriately at least once in her life. And what are you doing about it? Well, if you haven't taken a step to help them till now, here's your chance. Ask me anything and join this noble cause.

Navneet Sandhu (Gold)
Oct 11, 2017

Where's Vibhuti is a film is about a regular college going girl whose life turns upside down when she gets kidnapped and assaulted. Seeking revenge she finds an ally in a  teenager who not only witnessed her kidnapping but who also shot it down on his camera. 

While we were researching for the film, we also found that in a 2014 report, ABP Live stated that 80% of college students in India watched porn; 40% of these watched rape porn and 76% admitted that watching rape porn led to the desire to rape women. When we discovered this we were shocked! And decided to spread awareness through the one way we know best, by making a film. Films can influence a large number of people. And that's exactly what we intend to do with Where's Vibhuti. 

This film is inspired from real life incidents. It is a very dark, raw and a cult film but at the same time it is very organic and visceral! We believe it will really make a difference in the way people look at rape and assault victims in India. It will help them understand what a victim truly goes through and handle the situation accordingly.When a woman gets sexually assaulted, one of two things happen, either the incident is completely hushed up and pushed aside because it's such a taboo to even speak of such issues in our society. Or we feel sorry for the victim and treat him/her differently because of what he/she has been through.We want everyone to feel the true horrors a regular woman or girl experiences every single day in India while most people stand by and do absolutely nothing. That's why the complete feature film has been shot down in real locations exploring the situation a women can get into when her freedom of existence is attacked by inhuman unsocial criminal minded elements of the society. 

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