ERA is now on Kickstarter!! Turns your Audio combo into wireless!!AMA

Sep 13, 2017

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Each speaker was made with a unique acoustical approach                      

Every individual speaker is customised through sound and vibration. The brilliant engineering techniques and thoughts have continued to create great sound quality - every speaker therefore deserves to be cherished and loved like an antique camera.

Media formats such as records, cassettes, CDs, MDs etc were meant for collection and as a means of retaining memories. It will thus be a pity to throw them away due to changes in environment and technology.

Audio devices and dated smart device that have grown up with us do not deserve to be simply thrown away (obviously you bought them in the first place because of special reasons!). With ERA, let us help you transform these devices and bring them back to life.

"Did you think setting up an audio system was very complicated?""Think again!Setting up traditional amplifiers have long been a complicated and time-consuming task (trust us, we've been there!). It's hard to see the back of the device and make sure that you are connecting to the right spot. When finished setting up the system at long last, you may be so frustrated that you have already lost your interest in enjoying yourself.

Here comes ERA. With a fast and simple solution, you'll be able to play your music in seconds. As an added bonus, it will also reduce the impact of damage and wear by plugging the cord in and out repeatedly.

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