Daughter diagnosed with pseudotumor and needs your help. AMA

Tina Horvath
Oct 11, 2017

https://www.youcaring.com/ashleyhorvath-879540.  I am doing this fundraiser to get help for my family. My daughter woke up in feb 2014 with a very bad headache. She went back to bed and woke with her face drooping and eye twitching. I took her to the er and that is where this long year battle of trying to figure out what was wrong with her. We finally found out that she pseudotumor cerebri which is IIH along with the movement disorder that makes her tremor in her arms, feet and hands. A pseudotumor is a fake brain tumor. She has all the symptoms that someone with a brain tumor has. She gets whooshing sound in her ears. Eye problems, pressure and pain in head along with the tremoring of her body. She has had 4 lp surgeries with her last one to remove the lp shund cause it was broke. She has had two brain surgeries for the vp shunt that is suppose to drain fluid off of her brain and drain into her stomach. She will be having another surgery to replace the vp shunt. Currently she is in shunt failure and has a MRI friday to see whatelse is going on in her brain that the dr could be missing. She cannot work and currently is waiting on social security. I was working and got fired due to my daughter having emergency surgery because she was leaking spinal fluid and it needed to be fixed. Last week she had her 40th lumbar punctue (spinal tap ) to lower her pressure in her brain. It helped for a couple hours and then all of her symptoms came back. Today she had a tooth pulled due to be infected and she started tremoring in her hands and legs. We cant seem to get ahead. We could really use help with food, gas , bills and some other things. We used the money we had to move so have nothing left for the things we need . If you cant help please just pray for Ashley. Also Ashley has a page you can follow her on if you would like to join let me know. Click on link for fundraiser if you can help. There is also videos and pictures you can look at. Thank you 

Tina Horvath says:

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