Daughter diagnosed with pseudotumor and needs your help. AMA

Tina Horvath
Oct 11, 2017

https://www.youcaring.com/ashleyhorvath-879540.  I am doing this fundraiser to get help for my family. My daughter woke up in feb 2014 with a very bad headache. She went back to bed and woke with her face drooping and eye twitching. I took her to the er and that is where this long year battle of trying to figure out what was wrong with her. We finally found out that she pseudotumor cerebri which is IIH along with the movement disorder that makes her tremor in her arms, feet and hands. A pseudotumor is a fake brain tumor. She has all the symptoms that someone with a brain tumor has. She gets whooshing sound in her ears. Eye problems, pressure and pain in head along with the tremoring of her body. She has had 4 lp surgeries with her last one to remove the lp shund cause it was broke. She has had two brain surgeries for the vp shunt that is suppose to drain fluid off of her brain and drain into her stomach. She will be having another surgery to replace the vp shunt. Currently she is in shunt failure and has a MRI friday to see whatelse is going on in her brain that the dr could be missing. She cannot work and currently is waiting on social security. I was working and got fired due to my daughter having emergency surgery because she was leaking spinal fluid and it needed to be fixed. Last week she had her 40th lumbar punctue (spinal tap ) to lower her pressure in her brain. It helped for a couple hours and then all of her symptoms came back. Today she had a tooth pulled due to be infected and she started tremoring in her hands and legs. We cant seem to get ahead. We could really use help with food, gas , bills and some other things. We used the money we had to move so have nothing left for the things we need . If you cant help please just pray for Ashley. Also Ashley has a page you can follow her on if you would like to join let me know. Click on link for fundraiser if you can help. There is also videos and pictures you can look at. Thank you 

Tina Horvath says:

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Please can someone help us with the fundraiser 

Oct 22, 3:42AM EDT0

What help you need most? 

Oct 22, 3:08AM EDT0

We need help with food diapers and gas.  Right now anything would help us.  Thank you for asking

Oct 22, 3:39AM EDT0

How's she doing ?

Oct 20, 4:56AM EDT0

She still has alot of whooshing sound.  Tremors on and off. Pressure in head.  She is hanging in there though.  Ty for asking

Oct 22, 3:41AM EDT0

Have you applied to SSDI as her primary caretaker?

Oct 18, 8:05PM EDT0

Yes we have applied and waiting for decision after we appealed 

Oct 18, 9:27PM EDT0

Did this come out of nowhere, or from some sort of accident?

Oct 11, 3:03PM EDT0

It came out of nowhere but we're figuring she had symptoms of it before.  It just progressed and became worse

Oct 11, 3:42PM EDT0

Have you thought about getting a second opinion?

Oct 11, 10:18AM EDT0

We have many different Drs thst she has seen and she is currently seeing a neurologist and neurosurgeon 

Oct 11, 11:39AM EDT0

So is a pseudotumor just the symptoms of a tumor with no physical mass?

Oct 11, 9:49AM EDT0

Yes it is. Ashley also has the movement disorder along with pseudotumor so she tremors

Oct 11, 11:38AM EDT0

Do the doctors foresee a positive outcome?

Oct 11, 9:49AM EDT0

We had to get a new neurologist and neurosurgeon there going over all her records and we will have a plan in place.  She will live with this for the rest of her life

Oct 11, 11:37AM EDT0

How long has she had this condition?

Oct 11, 5:17AM EDT0

She was diagnosed in 2014 but we figure she has had it for a long time undiagnosed

Oct 11, 7:55AM EDT0

Did this come out of nowhere, or from some sort of accident?I am going to spread this news to reach more people. Stay strong! Of course, we will pray for Ashley.

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Oct 11, 4:33AM EDT0

She had a bad headache.  I told her to go rest and see if it gets better.  She woke up and her whole side of her face was dropped and her eye was jerking.  Took her to the hospital and no-one could figure it out and then a year later took her back to er and a traveling Dr did a spinal tap and figured out what was wrong with her. 

Oct 11, 7:54AM EDT0

What did she do for a living?

Oct 11, 12:39AM EDT0

She worked as a home health aide and I did assisted living and lost my job when she had emergency surgery and had to take care of her

Oct 11, 12:43AM EDT0

Did she ever have previous symptoms that you have now linked to her diagnoses? 

Oct 10, 10:10PM EDT0

She was constantly not feeling well.  She was having the whooshing sound in ears and telling me her head hurt and she had pressure in head.  

Oct 10, 11:42PM EDT0

Can you please share with us your social media accounts, like twitter and Facebook. 

Oct 10, 3:50PM EDT0

Ashley fighting pseudotumor is the site.  Ask to be added abd can add you.  We have updates,  videos, pictures and her story.  Also have all her testing 

Oct 10, 6:57PM EDT0

Does it affect her mental abilities?

Oct 10, 1:32PM EDT0

She gets upset sometimes over the tremoring and not being able to do certain things but she always comes to me when something is bothering her

Oct 10, 6:58PM EDT0

Have you tried applying to Johns Hopkins for free treatment?

Oct 10, 12:57PM EDT0

No we haven't. We don't have one close and would be hard for us to get there.  Wish we could but couldn't 

Oct 10, 6:58PM EDT0

Does Ashley post often on her social media? Is that the best place for updates?

Oct 10, 12:12PM EDT0

We have a page on facebook for Ashley.  It is called ashley fighting pseudotumor.

Oct 10, 6:59PM EDT0

How much have her medical bills amounted to so far?

Oct 10, 10:23AM EDT0

Thousands not sure of full amount since she has akit of doctors and also just had knee surgery

Oct 11, 8:43PM EDT0