#crowdfunding AMA I need patrons to support my epic novel. That give wings to my literary creativity. AMBICIONA the different epic saga.

Manuel Delgado
Aug 11, 2017

My Page...CLICK HERE!!!

The law of attraction, do you believe in it? My dream is to publish a novel, and once self-published; Translate it into English, see it materialized in hollywood on the big screen. For this, I need your financial support. Would you like to be part of a novelaépica? An illustrated novel with at least 25 illustrations for 200 pages. Spanish publishers do not invest in these Types of novel. And I do not have enough means to carry it out. The money is administered through ULULE.com, 100% reliable. If you get the 1000 € money is returned to its owners at zero cost. Would you like to be the godfather of a literary creation? For very little or a lot you can become a wonderful project story

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