#crowdfunding AMA I need patrons to support my epic novel. That give wings to my literary creativity. AMBICIONA the different epic saga.

Manuel Delgado
Aug 11, 2017

My Page...CLICK HERE!!!

The law of attraction, do you believe in it? My dream is to publish a novel, and once self-published; Translate it into English, see it materialized in hollywood on the big screen. For this, I need your financial support. Would you like to be part of a novelaépica? An illustrated novel with at least 25 illustrations for 200 pages. Spanish publishers do not invest in these Types of novel. And I do not have enough means to carry it out. The money is administered through ULULE.com, 100% reliable. If you get the 1000 € money is returned to its owners at zero cost. Would you like to be the godfather of a literary creation? For very little or a lot you can become a wonderful project story

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Feasible my project? What do you think with complete frankness? Do you think I can get financial support? Thank you.Wizard Kakul

Aug 13, 11:38AM EDT0

For my literary project there is no limit of collection, but to be able to carry out its production, illustration and distribution it is necessary to arrive at least 1000 €, if it comes more, it will be used for its translation and search of editorial in the United States or England. I do not know if I will get it, I still want to give you a modest and tiny manual to supervise a finished novel. Is called Your novel UNDER control and has sold very well in Spain my pseudonym is Manuel Delprieto. The ebook download in English, will be available tomorrow August 13. On Amazon.com thanks anyway.

Aug 12, 11:47AM EDT1


Aug 12, 1:23PM EDT0

What was your inspiration for this story specifically?

Aug 11, 9:30AM EDT44

I was inspired by personal growth, the inner journey and how we people had to adapt to the environment that surrounds us.

Aug 11, 3:44PM EDT39
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Will the books be available in English?

Aug 11, 5:57AM EDT0

Sure, but I asked for little money to produce it in Spanish first, and with the money from the sale, with the profits reinvest it for your translation that amounts to 2000 € more. I do not want to make money I want it to reach the whole world.

Aug 11, 6:26AM EDT0
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Do you do the artwork as well?

Aug 11, 5:44AM EDT0

Yes, I am the author and writer of the novel, but I need an illustrator to draw and an editorial to manufacture the books.

Aug 11, 6:21AM EDT0

Do you have friends who can do it? Why not to ask at upwork for example, there are plenty workers with services for any cost. Sure you can find someone who can do it for you

Aug 11, 7:31PM EDT0

I wanted to thank the whole Ama team and their community for this experience, so that I can hear my project. thank you very much.

Aug 11, 5:34AM EDT0

I wanted to thank the whole Ama team and their community for this experience, so that I can hear my project. thank you very much.

Aug 11, 5:34AM EDT0

Is the guy in the foreground of your artwork, the one with writing on his face, the actor from "The Walking Dead", Josh McDermitt?

Aug 11, 5:33AM EDT0

I think not, but it seems. The cover made me a designer taking pictures of the bank depisitphotos. But I would like it, it would be a luxury.

Aug 12, 8:15AM EDT0

Do you plan to self publish online?

Aug 11, 4:22AM EDT0

You mean in digital? I did not understand well. Of course, the market is updated and e-readers are up. But I like the paper, I'm very classic.

Aug 11, 5:24AM EDT0
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Do you plan to initiate a traditional marketing campaign at places such as Comicon?

Aug 11, 2:01AM EDT0

In Spain is not crowdfunding style, there are very few platforms for it. I chose ULULE.com since it is reliable and the only one practically in Spanish, to carry out my project.

Aug 11, 5:21AM EDT0
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Where are you from?

Aug 10, 11:32PM EDT0

I am from Spain, specifically from Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) we have good weather, horses and a magnificent wine. But it is the people, mostly humble that makes this place in southern Spain special. Open arms

Aug 11, 5:19AM EDT0
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How long did it take you per book?

Aug 10, 8:07PM EDT0

Six months is average

Aug 11, 5:16AM EDT0
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What artists inspire your work?

Aug 10, 7:36PM EDT0

George r. Martín, tolkien, Gordon Russell, But the artists who inspire me most are the day-to-day daily heroes that come out on the news ... those stories of a beggar who saves a family from the flames, the clown of Aleppo, who died under a bombardment to do To laugh at the children in Syria, those acts inspire my stories ...

Aug 11, 5:15AM EDT0
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What authors do you read?

Aug 10, 6:19PM EDT39

Paolo Giordanno, Gordon Russell, Arturo Pérez Reverte, Noah Gordon, Stephen King, J.j tolkien, Stephanie meyers, Verónica Roth, Toni Morrison...

Aug 11, 5:10AM EDT37
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What got you into writing?

Aug 10, 5:15PM EDT0

I love your question !! First my desire to change the world showing a different approach, then entertain and make dream those who are sometimes trapped in a spiral of solitude or few resources to see beyond what they have before and finally, I want to bring new arguments And ways of understanding life, with original stories.

Aug 11, 5:06AM EDT0
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Do you have a day job?

Aug 10, 5:11PM EDT0

Yes, I work in construction. Here in Cadiz, the province with the highest unemployment in Spain. Here they pay just € 1000 to live, pay bills and support the family. The key is to spend little ... but here in Cadiz one lives very happy and very well. All my jobs have been hard, marble worker, baker, bricklayer, warehouse waiter, I want to loosen the tools and grab a pencil, je,je ...

Aug 11, 5:01AM EDT0
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How else are you creating exposure for yourself?

Aug 10, 4:40PM EDT0

In groups of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and through blogs related to writers and local newspapers.

Aug 11, 4:56AM EDT0
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Have you explored other fundraising avenues?

Aug 10, 4:29PM EDT0

I have researched in many ways, looking for sponsors who want to put their publicity in my book, individuals that in exchange for participating would put their face in an illustration of a character ... but the best way is to show trust through a legal platform, which If the money is not collected, it will be returned to its owners and will not be lost along the way. Thanks for your interest.

Aug 11, 4:52AM EDT0
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I'm an American, but I live in Cancun Mexico, I'm learning Spanish, but am not fluent yet. Will you publish English versions?

Aug 10, 4:16PM EDT0

I have a very humble little novel manual on Amazon entitled "Your novel under control", and my priority intention is to translate all my novels and that the rest of the world can criticize my work for better or for worse. I do not control English well, so the translations make me semi-professional, which cost more for my pocket. I am currently translating another titled "119 keys for a best seller"

Aug 11, 4:48AM EDT0
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When did you start writing?

Aug 10, 3:25PM EDT0

In adolescence, there was an unstoppable need to write stories, loose stories, poorly structured poems, loose scenes ... but it was not until 25 when I decided to write a long novel. Then with my first salary as a baker, I became a literary coach. Thank you for your question.

Aug 11, 4:44AM EDT0
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How much do you wish to raise?

Aug 10, 2:58PM EDT1

To give wings to my project I need to invest in it $ 1000, to lay out illustrations, produce on paper, correct and distribute. Then with the benefits obtained from this roll I will do an English translation to distribute it to the rest of the world.

Aug 11, 4:41AM EDT0
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Have you approached others in the industry for investment capital or other kinds of assistance?

Aug 10, 2:55PM EDT0

In Spain crowdfunding and philanthropy does not exist, companies and brands are bet by consecrated writers. And publishers do not even read the manuscripts of those whose pseudonym is not known. You lose talent and imagination. Nor are there any scholarships that support young values. Thank you for your question

Aug 11, 4:37AM EDT0
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Have you written articles for publications or anything?

Aug 10, 1:54PM EDT0


I have conducted interviews and taught novels for students in Spain.

Aug 11, 4:33AM EDT0
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Do you have ideas for other books as well?

Aug 10, 1:01PM EDT0

Yes, right now this saga called AMBICIONA I have it raised for four volumes. In addition I have 1 romantic novel and 2 of terror. Thanks.

Aug 11, 4:29AM EDT0
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Is a different story where an arrogant young man who abuses his people with his strength will be banished one day to an unknown world, where he will not be more than a prey. Homosexuality, tolerance, friendship, personal growth, emotional intelligence , Many battles and adventures and magic. Using literary and quality techniques based on quality criteria, which I can apply as a teacher of novel and film buff.

Aug 10, 1:39AM EDT0
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