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Yeganeh Mafaher
Nov 10, 2017

Gebby and Yeganeh, two female identified artists of color, who immigrated to the U.S. as children. We are sophmores in college on our way to getting degrees in Dramatic Arts at The New School for Drama in New York City. Best friends, as well as roomates, we tend to work with eachother a lot, and that is where this everlasting working and creative relationship was born. We both struggled finding representation not only of people who look like us on screen and on stage, but as well as stories that related to us. We didn't want to wait for opportunites to come our way, because no one can tell your story better then yourself. There is many arising shows that talk about diffuculties with race and with gender issues, but not many discuss the everyday struggles that people of color face in trying to assimilating into white american culture. The daily lies we tell or drastic measures we go through to feel like everyone else is prominent, but ignored to the point where some people still find it difficult to believe that racisim and sexisim exist. These struggles can also seem ridiculous and even a little humourous at the end of the day, so what better way to bring light to a horrifying reality, then a comedy sitcom that forces you to laugh at the tragic truth of what our life has to face everyday. You may ask why do we need money? Well behind our project is many trusted and gifted people whome we need to remberse for their work. Additionally we would like to submit to film festivals which have applications fees that cost more than eating at By Chloe. So if you like laughing and crying please donate. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1502868691/white-lie?ref=project_share

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