Ask Me Anything on our project to create Animated Educational Videos

Ramy Syahbandi
Oct 11, 2017

About Us.

We are a small team working collectively trying to build an educational space in the form of science that we all agree to call Tupai Kecil. Our work is to create animated educational video that will be shared on various social media platformsto be enjoyed by various groups,both formal and nonformal. We wish to open new discussion rooms in a simple and i nteresting way. In order to create this work, we need some initial funding which we ourselves have not been able to realize either collectively or commercially.

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Wow! What an incredible project! What inspired you to make learning science in a fun and easy way? Is this targetted for children or for all ages? 

Oct 10, 10:18PM EDT0

Does it cost anything to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Oct 10, 9:23PM EDT0

Hi Ramy thanks for sharing your AMA, I thought you might want to check out Kimutai His AMA about helping maintain his students'' school Website. 

Oct 10, 6:30PM EDT0

Can you give me 4 reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Oct 10, 5:08PM EDT0

Do you work together with teachers and other educators to come up with new ideas?

Oct 10, 4:51PM EDT0

What is the language of your video?

Oct 10, 11:41AM EDT0

our video is bahasa indonesia. but we provide English translation in every video.

Oct 10, 1:34PM EDT0

Why do you have a crowdfunder in English when the videos that you are producing are not in English? That doesn't make sense to me

Oct 10, 9:35AM EDT0

we provide English translation in every video we bring up

Oct 10, 12:52PM EDT0

How many people are working on this project?

Oct 10, 1:41AM EDT0

there are three people in this team. ie as 01.illustrator / sound designer 02.dubber / composer /scriptwriter03.animator/ storyboard

Oct 10, 3:12AM EDT0

Is it a good idea to include a video in the crowdfunders and why?

Oct 10, 1:08AM EDT0

we think it's a good idea, because we want people to know that we are building this and need help.

Oct 10, 3:15AM EDT0

What is the link for your crowdfunder and what audience are you targeting?

Oct 10, 12:32AM EDT0

this is our crouwdfounding link https://goo.gl/fbgAjL our target is all circles and all ages

Oct 10, 3:20AM EDT0

What inspires the making of a video?

Oct 9, 11:36PM EDT0

we are trying to respond to the increasingly expensive and stingy world of education today that they get.

Oct 10, 3:21AM EDT0

What do you feel the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Oct 9, 5:22PM EDT0

until now all I get is sharing my experience and trying to make my good intentions real by using crowdfounding method, and I hope so much for this. hope some people can help us.

Oct 9, 5:53PM EDT0

What age groups are you targeting with your videos?

Oct 9, 4:43PM EDT0

we do not classify the ages here, but we try how our videos can explain science to anyone including children and parents. and we strive to make this feasible and beneficial to anyone.

Oct 9, 5:57PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 9, 3:56PM EDT0

to be honest I have not gotten much lessons from this method. I am just capitalized and believe that many people out there who care about this.

Oct 9, 5:59PM EDT0

How much information should I share on a crowdfunder and how important is it?

Oct 9, 3:54PM EDT0

as much as you share we really appreciate it, and everything in this context is something that is very valuable for this project.

Oct 9, 6:02PM EDT0

Are your videos geared toward children or adults?

Oct 9, 1:03PM EDT0

we strive to make our videos feasible and can be enjoyed by all ages and able to benefit those who see.

Oct 9, 6:03PM EDT0

How are your videos different from what's available in the market? 

Oct 9, 12:29PM EDT0

we are trying to make all parts of this content our original products, such as music, pictures, data and make it look fun to keep on seeing and of course can benefit many people and age.

Oct 9, 6:06PM EDT0

see this project at Indiegogo, 


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