Ask me anything ladies and gents! I have a bully and I am a Vet. My love for pets went beyond my life. My husband and I are working on a #technlogy to support and raise help for bulldogs for now and eventually will reach out to other more pets that we can help. #BulldogAMA #TechAMA Ask me anything now! You want to help and participate? #AMA

Vanessa Porch
Aug 11, 2017

I have been a pet lover in my whole life. I am a vet and is very fond of taking care of pets. When I met my husband, I saw the light in taking care of bullies/bulldog. Since then I have been a mum to my babies.

However in this world, life can be very cruel even to these pets. My husband and I are working on a Tech Group to help organise and raise campaign to help bulldogs. For now we focus on helping these bullies that are mistreated and harmed, unsheltered and deprived from food. But eventually we will move forward saving other pets too.

We have reached out to several platforms to crowdsource our campaign.

We have Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/animalloverillinois/

And just today, we created Go Fund Me to help us raise an amount to help these bullies.


If you want to be part of the crowdfunding source #AMA. Appreciated!

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Do you have a facebook or twitter I can follow?

Aug 13, 10:56AM EDT0

What are the best sites for launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 11, 2:27PM EDT0

Hello. I would suggest ypu creating your own site and then outsource to Socials like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. GoFundMe are also good avenue to raise funds.

Aug 12, 7:12AM EDT25

Thanks a lot, Vanessa, great advice!

Aug 12, 12:34PM EDT43

I love Bulldogs! Do you also raise money to help with birth costs associated with Bulldog puppies since they mostly are Cesarean?

Aug 11, 8:27AM EDT0

Hi Richard! Yes that is one big part of our campaign. We know the struggle and it's real.... We wish we can do more...

Last edited @ Aug 11, 11:18AM EDT.
Aug 11, 10:54AM EDT0

My vet told me that its difficult for dogs with a short snout to have an anesthesia. I want my dog to be neutered what do I need to look out for or what precautions do I need to take?

Aug 11, 3:07PM EDT0

What are other effective platforms for launching campaigns aside from crowdfunding sites?

Aug 11, 1:51AM EDT0

Hi. I think if you have some solid social media available like Facebook, Twitter and perhaps IG and Ppinteres then you would be able to do it. As long as your targets are all interested in what your trying to campaign for.  

Aug 11, 10:57AM EDT0

How many hours do you dedicate to that?

Aug 11, 11:30PM EDT0

What other types of pets do you plan on helping once you expand?

Aug 10, 10:54PM EDT37

Hi Simpson.... We still yet to plan on how and what other pets but I have cats in line... Definitely they will be part of it... My mum loves cats as well as my sister...

Aug 11, 10:58AM EDT37

That'll be such a fantastic decision! Cats are gorgeous

Aug 12, 12:26PM EDT25

Can you name some well-known events that entirely raised funds through crowdfunding sites?

Aug 10, 9:33PM EDT0

Hi Christian.. We just started so no definite event yet as of speaking... But we will be funding one as soon as we have the means... Although we reached out ourselves I meant our group to several bullies to feed them and give extra care...

Aug 11, 11:00AM EDT0

Great work! We need more people like you!

Aug 11, 11:35PM EDT0

Do you plan to open a rescue as well?

Aug 10, 9:17PM EDT0

Hello Fitz.. Actually that is what our groul is all about.. We plan to open up a center but still are in draft.. But i want to and my husband too...

Aug 11, 11:01AM EDT0

Do you plan to support rescue centers in other countries?

Aug 11, 2:15PM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Aug 10, 8:51PM EDT0

Hi. With the right people, I would say it would be at least for 3-6 months as I estimate it..

Aug 11, 11:01AM EDT0

Have you done other crowdfunding campaigns before?

Aug 10, 8:51PM EDT0

Hello. Oh this is my first. I am vet and have been to different animal events and campaigns before that is why I am also ignited to make one.

Aug 11, 11:02AM EDT0

Keep us posted!

Aug 11, 11:59PM EDT0

How difficult it is to raise funds through crowdfunding sites compared to traditional fundraising activities?

Aug 10, 7:45PM EDT0

With the right content and details... It is much easier to touch the hearts of the many.. they can see visuals and we bring them on site too after they commit...

Aug 11, 11:04AM EDT0

I agree, you can reach a much wider audience. I'll be sharing your link!

Aug 12, 12:11AM EDT0

Can you give some strategies in boosting the appeal of a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 10, 5:47PM EDT0

Hi Anthony. I am not a marketing expert or how they call it but what I know is, you need influence and socials to work on campaigns... People nowadays are more likely to spend more time with Facfaceb so it's really good to reach out from there...

Aug 11, 11:05AM EDT0

Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfuning campaigns?

Aug 10, 5:17PM EDT0

For me...All that matters is genuity and truthfullness of what you give, information on campaigns, details regarding how you plan to work out the campaign and specifications as to what will happen on the funds donated by people... these are really important.

Aug 11, 11:07AM EDT0

So almost like a short business plan right?

Aug 11, 11:44PM EDT0

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign won't meet your expectations?

Aug 10, 5:08PM EDT0

Hi! I wouldn't feel that bad because I simply do not rely to it 100% since my husband and I have circle of friends and we are much willing to spend for these poor little bullies.

Aug 11, 11:09AM EDT0

You seem to be dedicated to help so good luck!

Aug 12, 12:24AM EDT0

Who are qualified to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 10, 4:15PM EDT0

Hi Jennifer! Anyone can! Everyone is welcome as long as you are usung the campaign for a good purpose.

Aug 11, 11:09AM EDT0

What are your back up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Aug 10, 2:58PM EDT0

Hello there! One major back up would spending from our own pocket. Although we did already for the past feeding and caring program we had. It went well because we have circle of friends who are really interested too help too...

Aug 11, 11:20AM EDT0

That's great to hear! 

Aug 11, 11:34PM EDT0

Do you think some people will try to take advantage of crowdfunding for vile purposes?

Aug 10, 2:19PM EDT0

Yes I know. There are few. And they have been affecting the credibility of those who are legitimate and with good purpose.. Too sad you see.

Aug 11, 11:21AM EDT0

You'll always have to take the good with the bad I guess...

Aug 12, 12:12AM EDT0

Do crowdfunding sites ensure the campaign's intentions are pure?

Aug 10, 1:49PM EDT0

Hi! Ofcourse yes the do. Theu have certain requirements for you before you post your campaign which is very good. It takes filtering to know who's true and who's not.

Aug 11, 11:22AM EDT0

Good to know

Aug 11, 11:34PM EDT0

How much funds do you earn from crowfunding as of the moment?

Aug 10, 1:31PM EDT0

We had few donations coming in from our friends and relatives but they were used up from our previous feeding event. We are putting up GoFundMe but nothing as of yet from that site.

Aug 11, 11:23AM EDT0

How long have you been with GoFundMe?

Aug 11, 11:38PM EDT0

Do you think your crowdfunding campaign will bring the same results you have in mind?

Aug 10, 12:38PM EDT0

Hello Justin... I am very optimistic but I can't just expect it to be 100% success..  What I believe is that with our without, we will still continue to work on our own...

Aug 11, 11:25AM EDT0

Great attitude! 

Aug 12, 12:00AM EDT0

Where are you from?

Aug 10, 12:22PM EDT0

My husband is from Illinois. I am a Filipina, born in the Philippines...

Aug 11, 11:27AM EDT0

You planning on setting up something there in the future?

Aug 12, 1:07AM EDT0

What part of the population do you think are the best candidates for a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 10, 12:14PM EDT0

Hello. On my own opinion, those who has work has bigger potentials. They are much likely to be relevant. But actually that doesn't define as to who should we reach out to, what matters is who is willing to help financially or not.

Aug 11, 11:30AM EDT0

How many Bulldogs do you have?

Aug 10, 11:54AM EDT0

My family owns 4 and 1 of which is my baby.. I don't have kids.... So I am more focused and involved in taking care of them plus I am a vet. Runs within in my career of choice.

Aug 11, 11:31AM EDT0

Wow, so the little guys have a lot of family around :) Do they all get on?

Aug 11, 11:46PM EDT0

What are the best social media sites to promote your specific type crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 10, 11:31AM EDT0

Hello... For me, Socials like Ffaceboo, Twitter, Pinterest and IG. These are socials being widely used as of now and a good platform to reach as much people as you can.

Aug 11, 11:33AM EDT0

I've got a friend in Switzerland who is crazy about Bullies and they have helped to rehome a few as well. I gladly pass your info to her :) Have you tried to run campaigns 'Adopt a Bullie' or raising money through coming up with names. Can you do that on crowdfunding?

Aug 11, 2:25PM EDT0
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