Ask Me Anything about Nutrition Coaching: Introducing EduPlated: Personalized Online Nutrition Coaching!

Ryan Frankel
Aug 11, 2017

Online nutrition coaching: connecting people aspiring to make smarter nutritional decisions with a dedicated dietitian coach.

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I searched for Eduplated on Kickstarter and I saw you had a failed campaign a few months ago. It looks like your rewards were richer in your first campaign. What has changed which makes you think this one will be successful?

Aug 11, 9:27PM EDT0

What is a common misconception that the public have on nutrition?

Aug 11, 11:56AM EDT0

Do you accept Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Aug 11, 7:53AM EDT0

Great question! EduPlated does not currently accept insurance. We have a more lighter-weight plan for those normally accustomed to receiving some insurance coverage and we also offer an unlimited subscription for those looking to make big changes over the course of time. 

Aug 11, 7:57AM EDT0
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What would you say is the number one issue or reason stopping people from losing weight in 2017?

Aug 11, 6:05AM EDT0

I love this question. Achieving weight management goals requires a healthy combination of the right eating and a proper exercise regimen. And both need to speak to each other - that is, you want to ensure that your nutrition plan is not sabotaging your fitness goals and vice versa. One of the biggest challenges for many with weight loss aspirations is an imbalance between nutrition and fitness. It's hard to outworkout a bad diet and likewise, an insufficient diet poses challenges on fitness goals. 

Aug 11, 7:58AM EDT0

Sorry, another question to you. I have a friend that eats very little but what she does eat is healthy. She doesn't work out a lot apart from walking. What do you suggest for people like her who want to lose weight but its not from overeating or eating unhealthy? 

Aug 11, 12:18PM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Aug 10, 11:05PM EDT0

Hi Travis, we're aiming to achieve our fundraising goals within the next several weeks. Can we count on you?!

Aug 11, 7:59AM EDT0

Maybe yes)

Aug 11, 2:17PM EDT0

Are you licensed in all states to give nutritional counseling?

Aug 10, 10:01PM EDT1


Aug 11, 7:59AM EDT0

Great photo! Obviously you work out a lot! Is your license accepted Internationally for those who are looking to get into nutrition or does that depend on who you study with?

Aug 11, 12:48PM EDT0

Which social media sites are you using to promote your crowdfunding campaign for Eduplated?

Aug 10, 9:04PM EDT0

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 

Aug 11, 7:59AM EDT0

Which if these gives better response?

Aug 11, 2:43PM EDT0

Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns?

Aug 10, 6:44PM EDT0

Drum up support early, even before you launch. Friends and family can do wonders for getting the word out. 

Aug 11, 8:00AM EDT0

Good advice, thanks

Aug 11, 2:33PM EDT0

Do you work with Macros or are you more calorie based?

Aug 10, 3:39PM EDT0

Hi Tyler, our dietitians have a range of approaches and specialties, so if you get in touch with us, we can match you to the right dietitian. 

Aug 11, 8:00AM EDT0

I would like to try, can you give any link for your website to get acquainted?

Aug 11, 2:20PM EDT0

Do you work with meal plans and let people know exactly what they should eat every meal?

Aug 10, 2:01PM EDT0

Hi Edward, yes many of our dietitians provide customized meal plans for their clients. These plans can be as detailed and prescriptive or as flexible as a client would like. The goal is to create something that works for you and is sustainable over the long run. Please let me know if I can personally help get you set up with one of our dietitians. 

Aug 11, 8:01AM EDT0
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Where did you first learn about the concept of crowdfunding?

Aug 10, 1:31PM EDT0

Previous business!

Aug 11, 8:01AM EDT0

It's interesting. What business? 

Aug 11, 2:56PM EDT0

How much do you charge for this service per month?

Aug 10, 1:00PM EDT0

All information about EduPlated pricing can be found here: https://www.eduplated.com/plans.html

Aug 11, 8:01AM EDT0
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Do crowdfunding sites ensure the campaign's intentions are pure?

Aug 10, 12:41PM EDT0

Most do, yes. Kickstarter does for sure. 

Aug 11, 8:02AM EDT0

What are the best sites for launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 10, 11:04AM EDT0
Aug 11, 8:02AM EDT0

Do you need to pay for placing your campaign?

Aug 11, 2:22PM EDT0

What are your back up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Aug 10, 9:55AM EDT0

Creating brand awareness about our pursuits in improving health and wellness takes time, but the more distribution channels we approach, the better our chances for success. We're working on exciting partnerships with brands we already know, love and use, and we're also conducting some specific outreach to groups who need EduPlated most. 

Aug 11, 8:03AM EDT0

Hope your business will have success. Right nutrition is very important nowadays

Aug 11, 3:25PM EDT0

What's a great example of an easy-to-make well-rounded nutritional meal?

Aug 10, 6:04AM EDT0

My dietitian has me eat 3 - 5 meals a day, with roughly 50% of the meal coming from protein and the remaining 50% split amongst vegetables and grains. 

Aug 11, 8:03AM EDT0

Do you eat sweets?

Aug 11, 2:19PM EDT0

Have you done other crowdfunding campaigns before?

Aug 10, 5:30AM EDT0

Yes. For our previous business we ran a succesful campaign. 

Aug 11, 8:04AM EDT0

Sure? Which one?

Aug 11, 3:06PM EDT0

What inspired you to help people in this way?

Aug 10, 4:27AM EDT0

I've personally benefitted tremendously from the help of a dietitian. We want to democratize access to these great nutrition professionals, regardless of where you live in the world and no matter how busy your schedule. 

Aug 11, 8:04AM EDT0

Did you attract some specialists for creating diets? 

Aug 11, 3:51PM EDT0

What happens when you come across clients who have more complex dietary issues?

Aug 10, 4:25AM EDT2

Great question. We always match our clients to the right dietitian for their given needs. Our dietitians have incredible breadth and depth of education and experiences and are well-suited to help clients with even the most complex dietary issues. 

Aug 11, 8:05AM EDT0
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What's with crowdfunding that made you choose it as a platform to promote your cause?

Aug 10, 4:20AM EDT0

Great way to interact with folks like yourself!

Aug 11, 8:05AM EDT0

How do you vet your dieticians/nutritionists on your site?

Aug 10, 4:11AM EDT2

All dietitians undergo a training program with us in addition to providing academic and professional credentials. Only the top dietitians succesfully join the EduPlated platform. 

Aug 11, 8:06AM EDT0

How does your Online Nutrition Coaching platform stand out from others online?

Aug 10, 3:12AM EDT2

There are some great coaches out there who offer online solutions, but most are expensive and highly unscalable. EduPlated helps clients with a diverse set of needs and objectives not only by matching them with the right person, but also by providing great technology and tools for accomplishing one's goals. 

Aug 11, 8:07AM EDT0
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How long have you been in the industry?

Aug 10, 3:12AM EDT0

What is one of the worst popular dietary trends (health-wise) that you have seen in the last 2 years?

Aug 10, 3:08AM EDT0

Sugar-free everything. That stuff wreaks havoc on your body and replacing healthy fats with sugars has become all too common. 

Aug 11, 8:08AM EDT0
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What are other effective platforms for launching campaigns aside from crowdfunding sites?

Aug 10, 2:45AM EDT0

Indiegogo is a great one as well. 

Aug 11, 8:08AM EDT0

I don't know that platform. How does it work?

Aug 11, 2:34PM EDT0
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