Ask me Anything about my new Gen 2 Ice Shaker bottle & my kick starter campaign

Ice Shaker™
Aug 9, 2017

Ice Shaker bottleAfter a succesful launch of our First Shaker bottle, we have took all of our customer feedback and have launched the 2nd generation Ice Shaker.  This boy now features measurement markings inside the bottle for perfect measuring of liquods up to 20oz.  It also features a silicone ring on the lid for bottle grip when opening and closing, a lanyard so you don't have to worry about carrying or drinking your shaker cup when heading to the gym or office.  We also added a removeable screw in agitator so you blend your protein powders and pre workout drinks even better.

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Is there somewhere to attach a carabiner clip to attach to a hiking pack?

Aug 9, 3:55AM EDT0

You can attach the clip to the lanyard 

Aug 9, 7:40AM EDT0

Good point!  :)

That'd work for me!

Aug 9, 8:33AM EDT0

How much funds do you earn from crowfunding as of the moment?

Aug 9, 2:08AM EDT0

Not much, I didnt realize that you really have to promote your kickstarter page if you want to raise alot.  

Aug 9, 7:41AM EDT0
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Is it good for hot items as well?

Aug 8, 9:18PM EDT0

Yes it will keep your drink steaming hot for hours, but dont shake hot items as pressure will build up the bottle

Aug 9, 7:42AM EDT0

Nice!  So it could even work well for my son's hot chocolate on long road trips to see the family on the weekends!  :D

Aug 9, 9:46AM EDT0

What inspired you to produce this?

Aug 8, 6:13PM EDT0

I was at the gym in Dallas, Texas during the summer and all I wanted was a cold sip of water in the 100 degree heat.  I looked everywhere for an insulated bottle that I could also shake my pre workout drinks and protein shakes and there were none on the market so I created the best shaker bottle that I could

Aug 9, 7:44AM EDT1
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What are the best sites for launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 8, 1:30PM EDT0

I am not sure what the best is, I went with Kickstarter

Aug 9, 7:44AM EDT0
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What are the best social media sites to promote your crowdfunding campaign?

Aug 8, 10:55AM EDT0

I have alot of people emailing me asking me to pay for their twitter and facebook campaigns but I have not paid for any advertising.  I would say Facebook. 

Aug 9, 7:45AM EDT0
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What are other effective platforms for launching campaigns aside from crowdfunding sites?

Aug 8, 10:30AM EDT0

Does it come with a small wire mixing ball for protein drinks?

Aug 8, 5:18AM EDT0

No It does not, Their is a screw in aggitator that helps mix the protein.  If you ned even more mixing power just toss a few pieces of ice into your cup and it will really help mix it up. 

Aug 9, 7:46AM EDT0

Do you have any pictures of what the screw in agitator looks like?  I'm interested to know as I'm fussy about the mix of my shakes.  lol!

Aug 9, 11:12AM EDT0

Does the cap screw on, or just slip on?

Aug 8, 4:47AM EDT0

The cap screws on 

Aug 9, 7:46AM EDT0

Ok, good

Aug 9, 11:53AM EDT0

Is this your first product you've brought to market?

Aug 8, 2:55AM EDT0

No it is not.  This is my second company.  Our first company Everything Decorated has been extremely successful. 

Aug 9, 7:47AM EDT0
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How much (liquid) Does it hold?

Aug 8, 2:39AM EDT0

It holds 26oz 

Aug 9, 7:48AM EDT0
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Is it dishwasher safe?

Aug 8, 2:39AM EDT0

We are currently testing it to make sure it is dishwasher safe.  As of right now we reccomend hand washing.  

Aug 9, 7:48AM EDT0
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Is there any insulating material used besides the vacuum between the 2 layers of stainless steel?

Aug 8, 12:51AM EDT0

The insulation is the vaccum seal.  The air is sucked out between the two layers of stainless steel creating a vacuum that heat nor cold and pass through. 

Aug 9, 7:49AM EDT0
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Have you marketed to large distributors like GNC?

Aug 8, 12:45AM EDT0

We are in 14 GNCs in the Dallas area and are looking to go national with the product with the 2nd Generation cup once we have it in stock.  

Aug 9, 7:50AM EDT0
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Are you aware of the potential risks crowdfunding presents, if there's any?

Aug 8, 12:03AM EDT0

I don't see too many risks with crowdfunding.  Our project presents very little risk as the product tooling is already done and the final samples are already in hand. 

Aug 9, 7:51AM EDT1
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What tips can you give in ensuring th success of a crowdfunding event?

Aug 7, 11:24PM EDT0

Be ready to advertise and pay for advertising.  No one is going to see your product unless you get it out there.  Also, make sure you make great video content and images which I did not do and am working on now.  

Aug 9, 7:52AM EDT0
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Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfuning campaigns?

Aug 7, 10:48PM EDT0

Make great video and image content that clearly descripe your idea or product.  Also always keep your backers updated on progress

Aug 9, 7:53AM EDT1

How often would you say it's useful to update your backers?

Aug 9, 9:03AM EDT0

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign won't meet your expectations?

Aug 7, 10:29PM EDT0

I don't think I am going to meet my campaign goal as I have done very little to market the campaign.  I am not dependent on it being successful to launch the product so I have no problems if it doesn't reach my expectations. 

Aug 9, 7:55AM EDT0

What expectations do you have?

Aug 9, 1:11PM EDT0

Do you think your crowdfunding campaign will bring the same results you have in mind?

Aug 7, 9:46PM EDT0

I think it would do really well if I paid for marketing and put more time into it.  At this point I dont think it will bring the results I had in mind. 

Aug 9, 7:55AM EDT0
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Which do you think are more effective, crowdfunding or traditional fundraising?

Aug 7, 9:21PM EDT0

Crowdfunding, you can reach more people 

Aug 9, 7:56AM EDT1

Thank for you opinion

Aug 9, 11:56AM EDT0
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