An Ex-IBM Engineer, Who is a World Record holder for creating the "World's Lightest Jacket", who made is brand the Most Crowd Funded Apparel Brand in India! Ask me anything!#AMA

Saneen Javali
Dec 7, 2017

Hello there,

I am Saneen Javali, Founder, CEO & Chief Designer of VERSATYL - A Premier Brand of Unique & Innovative products based out of the start-up capital of India, Bengaluru.

Well I am an Ex-IBM Engineer who quit my Job in 2010 and decided to start a garment manufacturing company. I used to manufacture all kinds of Jackets, uniforms, bottoms to many of our clients. There were Ups and downs and may be I was just trying my best to survive in the rat race but I knew that I could do something out of the box and I really wanted to give the world and myself something Unique & Innovative and that is when my Brand "VERSATYL" came into picture.

World's 1st Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 18 pockets & 29 features!

I lauched my first Unique product, the VERSATYL Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 18 pockets and 29 features, Never in my wildest imagination did I think that this would stun the world & the success we tasted. We raised over 4 Million INR in 3 succesful crowdfunding campaigns in the span of just 4 months and then there was no looking back.

World's 1st 100% Bomber Jacket with 20 pockets & 32 Features!

I launched my 2nd Unique product, the 100% Waterproof Bomber Jacket with 20 pockets & 32 features.

VERSATYL FEATHER - World's Lightest Jacket which weigh just 179 gms

Then came the 3rd, VERSATYL "FEATHER" - The World's Lightest Jacket which weighs just 179 gms. It has been recognized by the "World Record India" and "India book of records" so far. I have already applied for Guinness book of records and Limca book of records.

World's 1st FAN COOLED JACKET and World's 1st RFID Protected Reversible Jacket with hidden pockets.

After the success of first 3 Unique products then I went onto launch the much awaited "World's First FAN CCOLED Jacket" - VERSATYL AIR and the VERSATYL SWITCH - The World's First Reversible Sleeveless Jacket with 11 invisible Pockets and RFID Protection.

All my products were and are being crowdfunded on, A Premier Crowdfunding platform in India. Please do take a look. 

We had a successful Crowd Funding campaign on IndieGoGo for our VERSATYL Travel Jacket and we have had two successful sales on, A US based Online shopping portal for Unique products.

The VERSATYL is now Indis's most Crowd Funded Apparel Brand having raised over 7 million INR through crowd funding campaigns and has been featured in almost all newspapers, magazines and blogs in India.

Now the VERSATYL Travel and Feather Jacket is available on all the major online shopping portals like & , Flipkart, Snapdeal, Tectotron and many more and we are selling over 100 Jackets a day. 

The Brain behind the "VERSATYL" - Saneen Javali

Media Coverage:

Recognized by Leading India based record book -

CNBC Video on Feather -

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CrowdFunding campaigns:

VERSATYL Travel Jacket -

VERSATYL Bomber Jacket -

VERSATYL Feather Jacket -

VERSATYL Sleeveless (Switch) Jacket -


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