AMA: I'm John, the founder of Geekify - a workshop, mad scientist's lab, and company dedicated to bringing great ideas to life. We just launched a Last Unicorn Kickstarter, too! Hit me with your questions!

Geekify Inc (Diamond)
Oct 12, 2017

(Note: bear was summarily eaten after the photo was taken. He felt no pain though)

Five and a half years ago, I founded Geekify Inc, a company dedicated to bringing new and interesting projects to life. We specialize in making unique replicas, tablet and eReader covers, costumes, geek toys and shwag, and lately, have been working with a variety of companies building their merchandise lines. Originally an Etsy store, we've since worked with ThinkGeek, Topatoco, the Tinker's Pack and Patrick Rothfuss, Espionage Cosmetics, the creators of The Last Unicorn, movie studios, and a handful of game development companies to expand and grow their offerings.

Our workshop is home to musical Tesla coils, jars of ferrofluid, sewing machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl plotters, CNC routers, and more. Our staffers are free range and cruelty-free, and spend their days frolicking and making cool stuff. 

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Last Unicorn to do a tarot deck, headed by a team of amazing artists, and we have a ton more cool stuff in the pipeline - keychains, plushes, scarves, accessories, mugs, posters, and more!

Our websites and social media:






And of course, the Kickstarter link:


Looking forward to your questions!

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