AMA - Help me to make my dream true- help me to get my own Photostudio.

Gordon Meyrath
Sep 12, 2017

Hey im Gordon, i took the chalenge on my to move with 1000€ from my Home Country to Düsseldorf Germany. 

I have just my MacBook and my Camera. 

My first stepp is done, i found someone who gavs me 12 mound a free room for living and free food. 

Now the next stepp is to get money to open my own photostudio, and all this based on the solidarity of people around the world. 

The project is doing so great that Facebook verified my page on Facebook. 

On Indiegogo i already have my first 100$ Donation for my project. There a people who belive in my Concept of BeWoman. You can read the concept here: INDIEGOGOIf you whant to support me please make a Donation no matter if its just a few dollar, its no the somme who makes it, but the knowlage there are people who supports me. 


BeWoman - time to be a woman, time to be yourself. We want to show you how beautiful you are. You are not satisfied with your appearance or you feel ugly? This is nonsense! You are gorgeous and we will show it to you.

We will reveal your beauty whitout urging you to undergo a sophisticated styling to cover yourself with several layers of make up. It will only be you and your natural beauty. BeWoman aims at showing to every woman that she is individually beautiful without correponding to the reigning "beauty ideals" in our world.

Every human being and every woman is unique an thus individually beautiful. Why sould you use extensive make up when you are naturally beautiful? 

It doesn't matter if you're curvy or skinny, if you have long or short hair, if you're tall or small - your real beauty comes from the inside, from your very own being. Respect yourself and stand above silly judgements on your personality or appearance. You are great the way you are. Let us help you, through our sthootings, to show the world your real beauty and who you really are.

We want to capture your natural beauty, your personality, your emittance. This is why we will not bother you with a huge styling or make up sessions and neither will we use computerbased software just to make of you the model that you are fortunately not. 

How does my work differ from other photographic studios?I have my own, personal perspective .... When I am doing a shooting, it is not only a shooting, it is the moment when I boost the confidence of the woman. 

My main goal is to procure delight and happiness in every woman when she sees her photos after the shooting. My work is focused on increasing the self-esteem of each woman without changing her from head to toe or covering her face with make up. I want to shoot my clients in the most natural and authentic way as possible, but that doesn't mean that we can't consult a professional make-up artist if this is what the client wants. However I believe that less is more. 

Do you only shoot women in your studio?

Primarily my studio is reserved to women, but I'm not against shooting a couple every now and then. Do you also shoot men?Yes of course, but I prefer to do outdoorshootings with men. Is your project already in progress?

I've started with BeWoman in 2014 in Luxembourg and I developped it further in the last years. Now in 2017 I took the decision to make a bigger thing out of my project, which isn't possible without my own photographic studio. 

Describe in what you will invest the money: 

The money is going to be invested to pay the rent of the studio in the first time and to buy the material I need as for example furniture, a flasher, a licence for photoshop and an efficient and long-lasting computer. Furthermore I am going to invest money in publicity, as advertisment in social networks or business cards.

Therefore I am going to consult an ad agency to work out how to sell my project in the best way. Indicate how quickly you need the money: As autumn is not far away and outdoorshootings won't soon be possible anymore, the money is needed until mid-october. 

Describe what this suppport means for you:

Support means for me to help someone to realize his dreams and his visions. All of us have dreams which we're not able to realize without support of others. 

I have seized the opportunity, I have left my hometown Luxembourg and I moved to Düsseldorf, an unknown town, with the will to realize my dream. I have found a person who believes in me and my dream and therefore lodges me free of charge and feeds me. 

I know that there are more than only one person who has dreams, who is creative and who can find enthusiasm for my project and I hope that I will find the persons who can procure me the support I need.

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