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Vannie Morisey
Oct 12, 2017

The Fill Station® Group would like to introduce to you our innovative Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk. Our Fill Station is an interactive invention that builds custom pillows on demand for customers. With your support, we want to bring more Fill Stations to more communities around the United States and potentially globally. We need your support!

The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk was designed by a local retailer, Arthur Watkins from Nashville, TN.  Arthur created the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk as a way to allow his customers to partake in the Ultimate DIY Pillow Building Experience.  The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk provides consumers with a fun in-store experience and helps brick and mortar retailers build relationships with their communities.  We are growing and are looking to raise capital in order to keep up with our fast track growth. 

We launched our first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in hopes to help us expand.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to answering any questions on the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk custom pillow building station.

Fill Station Team:

Fill Station Group showcasing at Las Vegas World Furniture Market (Left to Right) Rick Fair - Director of Product Development. Vannie Morisey - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Arthur Watkins - President and Inventor, Will Graham - National Accounts Manager


Follow Us on Social Media:

Facebook: @fillstationpillow

Twitter: @fillstationpillow

Instagram: @fillstationpillow

YouTube: @fillstationpillowkiosk

Indiegogo Campaign

CONTEST For Backers (US Residents only):

Back our project and you will be entered to win a FREE mattress with adjustable base.  Your choice of queen or king.  


  • Must back at least $5
  • We must meet our goal for the drawing to take place.
  • Must live in the US to enter contest.

About the inventor...

The Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk was designed by entrepreneur, retailer and philanthropist, Arthur Watkins.  Arthur spent years hearing complaints from his customers about their flat and uncomfortable pillows.  He was tired of not having a solution and decided it was time for a change. 

Arthur knew that there is no such thing as a "perfect pillow" unless it is designed by the person who is sleeping on it.  As a retailer, he knew that other retailers in his industry were struggling.  This is when he decided to invent the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk.   He invented the program as a way to better connect retailers with those suffering from lack of sleep. The Fill Station allows retailers to utilize the kiosk as a tool to build customized pillows for guests visiting their stores.  

How to Build a Pillow:

Help us be a part of your community!

Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk - Map of Fill Station locations

Currently, there are over thirty Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk's stationed across the United States and one in Canada (coming October 16, 2017). Our current goal is to expand globally with the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk - Mobile Edition.  With your help, we will be able to build pillows with you and your friends in your community. We are seeking to expand with a more mobile version of our kiosk which will allow Fill Station retailers to deepen their relationships within their communities through fundraisers, parties, home shows, corporate events and more.  

We need your support!

We are growing and asking for your support to push us to the next level in our growth.  We want to expand our fun and exciting pillow building program. With your support, we will have the opportunity to focus more on R&D.  This will allow us to add more exciting features to the mobile kiosk and allow us to expand our pillow-building product line.  With your support,  we are looking to explore shredding machinery options for our fillers.  This will help us to keep our price points low for consumers.  It will also allow us to add more fun and exciting pillow filling options.   Additionally, your support will allow us to participate in more industry-related events so we can introduce our fun and exciting pillow-building program to retailers across the globe.  In order for us to have the opportunity to build pillows with you and your community, we hope to gain your support for this fun and exciting pillow-building experience!  

Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk helps retailers connect with their communities.

Our passion is driven by helping others achieve a good night sleep and helping retailers connect with their communities.  Thank you for your support!  #Canyoufillit

Now you have the ability to make the perfect pillow!

So the question is...Can you Fill It?

Vannie Morisey says:

This AMA will end Oct 14, 2017 2:30PM EDT

Vannie Morisey says:

This AMA will end Oct 13, 2017 2:30PM EDT


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How much information should I share on a crowdfunder and how important is it?

Oct 12, 4:26PM EDT0

It is best to stick to the basics for your campaign.   Sometimes too much information can be a distraction. When you draft out your campiagn put everything out there on your rough draft, then read through it several times sifting out the information that is not important to the project or backer.  Infographics are helpful with images.  Thank you for reaching out!

Oct 12, 4:32PM EDT1

Hi Vannie. This is a amazing concept. You should really advertise on Facebook to get the word out about the Indiegogo.

How many total kiosks are currently active?

Oct 12, 3:38PM EDT1

Thank you Steve for your kind words!  We have 30 kiosks across the US and one going to Canada next week.  Thanks for your support!

Oct 12, 3:42PM EDT0

Do you also have memory foam filling?

Oct 12, 2:26PM EDT0

Yes we do!  It is one of our most popular fillers. If you would like us to build you one of adjustable memory foam pillows. We would be happy to do so.  We will email you a video of it being built at the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk.  Here is the link to the memory foam pillow, we call "The Einstein." You can adjust the pillow to the firmness your sleepy head desires! :) 

Oct 12, 2:32PM EDT0

Is it a good idea to include a video in the crowdfunders and why?

Oct 12, 2:20PM EDT0

Hi, thank you for your question.  Yes, I think it is a good idea to have a video.  It helps explain your product and let's people get to know more about the product, inventor and team behind the idea.  In our video, we wanted our viewers to see that our mobile kiosk can move since it is on wheels and also, wanted them to see the contents of the filler go through the machine as it is a 'wow' factor and part of the experience.  Please check out our video!  

Last edited @ Oct 12, 2:27PM EDT.
Oct 12, 2:26PM EDT0

What is the outer material of the pillow made off?

Oct 12, 11:47AM EDT0

Hi!  The filler goes into a zippered, cotton pillow shell.  We have Standard, Queen and King sizes for the shells.  Also we offer a zippered, cotton Bolster-Neck shell option and a donut pillow shell as well.  We are offering several different pillow styles as a "perk/giveaway" on indiegogo.  Please check us out!  YOu could get a head start on your holiday shopping ;) 

Oct 12, 12:29PM EDT0

Where are you filling stations placed?

Oct 12, 10:58AM EDT0

Hi, we are located across the US with one in Canada (coming soon-next week).  Here is a link to all of our locations on our website.  Your support on Indiegogo could help us get to your area!

Oct 12, 12:32PM EDT0

How much do the pillows cost?

Oct 12, 9:39AM EDT0

Hi Saiful!  They cost anywhere from $26 - $200, depending on the pillow build.  First, the consumer picks a shell, which retails for $20 and then they pick a filler which is priced by the pound.  The next step is the pillow protectors and cooling covers.  Here are some of the perks we are offering on our campaign, if you donate we will build you a pillow and send it directly to you!


Oct 12, 10:49AM EDT0

Hello Vannie! Awesome Project, What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Oct 12, 8:04AM EDT0

Hi Poorvi,  my advice is to give yourself plenty of time for strategic planning and to research other projects first.  Also, have you communication plan and marketing budget planned before launching.  

Oct 12, 10:51AM EDT1
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Is the population you are targeting the same as the target group you want to buy your pillows?

Oct 12, 6:57AM EDT0

Hi Anthony! Our pillows are for all ages.  We have our Fill Station's set up in highly populated areas and rural towns as well.  Our pillow price points range from $26-$200. The consumer is in control of the price when building their own pillow.  When you get a chance please take a look at our project on Indiegogo.  We are looking for backers and we are running a fun contest to!

Last edited @ Oct 12, 10:58AM EDT.
Oct 12, 10:57AM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 12, 1:42AM EDT0

Hi Richa! Thank you for your question.  With this being my first crowdfunding campaign, I have really learned a lot. I have learned that it is important to have your communication plan in place for after launching the project.  I wish I had hyped it up more in our community and to family and friends prior to launching.  Also we are learning that timing is a huge factor when launching a project.  

Oct 12, 11:02AM EDT0

Wow! I love the Idea. Are you planning to launch your Kiosk in other countries? 

Oct 11, 8:15PM EDT0

We do strive for global expansion in the future. Next week we will celebrate our first Grand Opening in Canada. 

Oct 11, 10:16PM EDT0

Reminds me of Build-A-Bear, which has had huge success :) Are the stations going to go inside department stores?

Oct 11, 12:39PM EDT0

Thank you Melody for reaching out!  We would like to have them go into department stores!  It will help get customers back into the stores by offering a fun experience that comes with designing your own custom pillow.

Please check out our Indiegogo Campaign.  Your support could help us come to your area! 

Oct 11, 12:47PM EDT0

Wow what a novel concept, congratulations!

What are your pledged goals? Also do you have stretch goals if the campaign succeeds?

Oct 11, 9:13AM EDT0

Thank you Shipla!  Our pledge goals are $25,000 which will go towards R&D for the mobile kiosk initiative and outreach.  Anything beyond the $25,000 will go towards machinery so we can purchase equipment to shred the materials.  This will help us keep the cost of filler down for consumers and allow distribution to be more efficient.

Last edited @ Oct 11, 10:26AM EDT.
Oct 11, 10:24AM EDT0

Is the price dependent on what filling you choose?

Oct 11, 5:23AM EDT0

Great question!  The answer is yes.  The price varies by which pillow shell, filler and pillow protector that is chosen. Prices start at $26 and can go up to $200 USD depending on the pillow build.  

We have an assortment of Fill Station comfort fillers to choose from; shredded poly foam, shredded memory foam, shredded Talalay Latex, Buckwheat Hulls, Alternative-down, and feathers.  Each fill is priced separately and they are priced by the pound.  When the customer comes to build a pillow at the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk, one of our sleep specialists will walk them through a pillow fitting allowing them to select and design the perfect pillow based on their bodies needs.  We have options for adults and cuddly comfort options for children as well!  Our pillows are adjustable so as the body changes the pillow can easily be adjusted to match their preferred comfort.

How to Build a Pillow at the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk:

We are growing, but we are asking for support on Indiegogo for support to continue to grow.  What we raise on Indiegogo will go toward's R&D on our new mobile kiosk, and will help us keep up with the fast growth and add more to the fun and exciting program.   Please donate and support our growth by visiting our Indiegogo campaign! Thank you for your support!

Last edited @ Oct 11, 8:37AM EDT.
Oct 11, 8:35AM EDT0

What has the response been like so far to your idea?

Oct 11, 4:49AM EDT0

Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, the response has been very positive. We have 30+ retailers across the US who have the Fill Station in their stores and we will celebrate a Grand Opening in Canada next week.

Since comfort cannot be mass produced, our customers enjoy having control over how their pillow is made and feels.  They also love being able to adjust the feel based on their bodies’ needs. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee which is a plus!

Our licensee’s/retailers who participate in the program enjoy having it in their stores since it allows them to have something unique that is fun and interactive. It helps them compete with online shopping and brings foot traffic back into their stores - allowing them to build relationships with their customers. 

We are growing, but we are asking for support on Indiegogo for support to continue to grow.  What we raise on Indiegogo will go toward's R&D on our new mobile kiosk, and will help us keep up with the fast growth and add more to the fun and exciting program.   Please donate and support our growth by visiting our Indiegogo campaign! Thank you for your support!

Last edited @ Oct 11, 7:59AM EDT.
Oct 11, 7:29AM EDT0

Are all the filling stations owned by you or are they franchises?

Oct 11, 2:36AM EDT0

Hi Paulynna! Thank you for your question. Our program is set up as a micro-franchise. We partner with several retailers across the country and they have the Fill Station in their showrooms. They are Fill Station licensees. In the future, we may consider opening our own Fill Station franchises in addition to our current model. 

Meet some of our amazing partners!

Trent Ranburger, Trent Bedding, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Relax The Back, Tulsa, OK

John Arnold, Grand Forks, ND

We are growing, but we are asking for support on Indiegogo for support to continue to grow.  What we raise on Indiegogo will go toward's R&D on our new mobile kiosk, and will help us keep up with the fast growth and add more to the fun and exciting program.   Please donate and support our growth by visiting our Indiegogo campaign! Thank you for your support!

Last edited @ Oct 11, 8:13AM EDT.
Oct 11, 7:31AM EDT0

Visit us online or check us out on Indiegogo

Oct 10, 5:06PM EDT0
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