AMA about our Dark fantasy, story driven video game inspired by Slavic myth with turn-based strategy/survival, rpg and card game mechanics: Thea 2: The Shattering.

Mila Irek
Oct 12, 2017

Thea 2: The Shattering is in it's final week of crowdfunding, but we have some awesome stretch goals to hit!  The game is an indie project led by only five people, and our first game was a great sucess so we hope to bring this shattering sequel to you with even more flare.




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You spoke about the lore influences (Slavic Myth, Tolken and Andrzej Sapkowski) for Thea. From a game design standpoint is there anything which stands out as having been a major influence?

Oct 14, 10:24AM EDT0

From my part, I am a bioware freak (old bioware, mind you ;) ) so as far as quest design goes. 

As a team, we look to games like Civ, and other 4x for tips and inspirations. But TRhea is so diferent we esentially find things in all sorts of games we play. 

Oct 14, 12:46PM EDT0

What do you think ypur greatest achievement in creating this game in comparasin to your previous work in Thea 1?

Oct 13, 6:28PM EDT0

Your* ,  *is in creating*

Oct 13, 6:29PM EDT0

I think it's too early to say really. So far, I am proud of all of us for pushing ourselves to learn from Thea 1 and still trying out exciting new stuff. How this will work remains to be seen ;) 

Oct 13, 6:39PM EDT0

Will the PayPal Campaign end at the same time as the Kickstarter?    Will the PayPal Campaign apply to the kickstarter Goals?    If so, is there any way to see the PayPal proceeds you've received?    I'm just really hoping for the voice acting >.<

Last edited @ Oct 13, 12:41PM EDT.
Oct 13, 12:40PM EDT0

We will add the Pay Pal proceeds to the final count, and we will tell you guys in the coming days how that is going, in fact, I'll make an update about it tomorow. (for now, it is in the region of £1000)

I mean, we may not get to the stretch goal, but we will try our best to have as much vo as we can.  We will certainly have the main questlines done. 

Oct 13, 12:45PM EDT1

Hey, loved the first game. Super hyped for the new one. My question is Steam Workshop support going to be implemented for Thea 2?

I know the first one had a built in editor but looking through the forums to find new content made it more challenging to add more content.


Oct 13, 12:38PM EDT0

Yes, our plan is to have Steam workshop and also modding tools will be much more advanced and available from the start. Did you see the modding vid? https://youtu.be/fotmpr2MuGE

And the event editor will be available again too, and this time you'll be able to change even the main quests etc. 

But I digress, yes for the workshop ;) 

Oct 13, 12:42PM EDT0

How will character leveling be handled in Thea 2?

Oct 13, 10:10AM EDT0

Ewa's answer is way better ;)  ANd now she deleted it and I look silly :D 

... phew, it's back, yeah read hers.

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Oct 13, 3:44PM EDT0

Our current design assumes that each character will have their own XP counter and on level up, the player will be given a choice to increase one of 2 - 3 stats. We hope this will reduce the trouble of advancing too many characters all the time (which eventually becomes dull if you decide to keep a bigger party), eliminate one-stat hoarding but still give some control over the characters' progress.

Oct 13, 4:00PM EDT0

In Thea 1 recruiting new people into your village was very random and often required the use of inferior materials for making buildings. How will getting new characters work in Thea 2?

Oct 13, 12:13AM EDT0

That is is still under design, but we want to avoid the attraction from meterials thing. You will still get characters through quests, but normal villagers we will have to work out still. 

Oct 13, 5:30AM EDT0

How popular was the first sequel?

Oct 12, 8:36PM EDT0

As mentined in a question below, the first game proved very popular, you can find it on Steam, Thea: The Awakening. http://store.steampowered.com/app/378720/Thea_The_Awakening/

Oct 13, 5:32AM EDT0

Is the combat Demo as fully moddable as it looks?

I noticed all the xml files are here: \Thea2 The Shattering\Thea2_Data\StreamingAssets\DataBase

And you have already told us/shown us how to work with that.

And ..\Kash\ seems to hold the tutorial event.

Last edited @ Oct 12, 4:19PM EDT.
Oct 12, 4:18PM EDT0

yeah, the demo is fully moddable, as far as I know ;) The vid about modding is done using the demo file. I mean, more otpions will come with the full game, for sure, but you still get a lot to play with now from what I gather (but that's not saying much, I mean in terms of me knowing ;D ) 

Oct 12, 4:31PM EDT0

Any plans to update the Combat Demo with your latest builds periodically?

Oct 12, 4:08PM EDT0

It's likely we will use updated demo, but we'll have to see. we werent going to have a demo at all, so it's a new thing for us ;) 

Oct 12, 4:10PM EDT0

How many players can play the game?

Oct 12, 2:20PM EDT0

the coop will be for 3 people (although that number may change, but min 3)

Oct 12, 2:38PM EDT0

I'm out of questions, and I just want to say thank you for this, that you're great, that your partners in crime are great, that Thea 1 is great, and that I have highest hopes for Thea 2. If I had a credit card, I would have backed you, but I will preorder the hell out of the game the moment it becomes possible.


Oct 12, 2:10PM EDT0

aw, thank you!

And not that I am trying to sell you the ks, I am happy for you to buy when we're out! But we do now have an potion with pay pal if that helps ;)

Anyways, your'e awesome for sayinf such nice things!

Oct 12, 2:12PM EDT0

You what... ? Wait... oh. Oh ! Give me a minute.

Oct 12, 2:19PM EDT0

I strongly believe that where you live influences what you do. 

We see a strong Slavic mythology in the story and characters of Thea.

Do you want to talk about how you came to learn and understand those mythologies that you weave into the story of Thea?

What are the stories that have stuck with you, that you thought were the most important? And what was the context in which you learned them?

Oct 12, 1:45PM EDT2

We're all born in Poland, so Slavic folklore was very much a part of our childhood and I'd say that was the initial contact. As for me personally, I was actually researching Andrzej Sapkowski (The Witcher series) for my PhD and through that I started researching Slavic myth and then Thea came along (or the concept for a game, that later became Thea) and so I threw in the fantasy with Slavic flavour.

I'd say it was Sapkowski and Tolkien that inspired me most when creating Thea (They were both in my PhD ;) )

Oct 12, 1:51PM EDT0
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Do you have any plans to offer more feedback about the degree of risk BEFORE pressing auto resolve in Thea 2?

Some context: For a lot of people that button is a time saver for skipping easy fights, and for a game developer it's easy to see the solution to be to make auto resolve as fair as possible. But no matter how smart or how fair auto resolve is, it's extremely difficult to play around when there's no feedback to the player as to how dangerous the computer will calculate the fight to be. It's too common to get into the habit of hitting auto resolve for things you think are going to be easy and not worth the time of playing out, only to blindsided by having auto resolve give your best person a mortal wound in what you thought was a risk-free combat. As a result, I find myself playing out trivial fights far more often than I would like to.

Oct 12, 1:41PM EDT0

There is a plan to have an option of playing the card game if the auto-resolve fails, so tht's one opiton (although this feature is not confirmed) 

And we are certainly working hard to optimize auto-resolve. Not sure about the showing degree of risk - but will throw that at the team ;) 

Oct 12, 1:43PM EDT1

Thanks! Showing some risk feedback before auto-resolve is offered is a feature I really wish more games offered. It does a lot for helping the outcomes to feel fair, since you're much less likely to be surprised if things go badly.

Oct 12, 1:48PM EDT0

Do you have plans for development diaries/updates in the months before July ?

Oct 12, 1:39PM EDT1

we do a monthly newsletter where I try to update fans on what we're uo to and what our next moves are. We also try to post stuff on muhagames, but admitedly that is not too frequent. and now that we have the ks page, we will continue postind updates there to keep folks in the loop on how things are progressing. 

Oct 12, 1:48PM EDT0

Did you like the balance between looting and gathering in Thea 1 (in respect to effectivity and reliability) ?

Oct 12, 1:18PM EDT0

Heh, that's a trick question, I love everything about Thea 1 ;) But of course better balancing is always possible, in any game, and yes, we will contine to strive for it. With the biomes we hope you will have more control over the challenge level you will face vs rewards you may expect, and that should work for both gathering and looting. In essence, we'd like both options to be viable, because it should be a matter of playstyle not neccesity.

Oct 12, 1:27PM EDT0

In Thea 1, the difference between losing and forfeiting a fight against a low skull enemy is huge. With damage carrying over in all challenges now, this will become a more important decision. Are you intending to make changes to the consequences of a forfeit, or perhaps just make the option more prominent ?

(I would not be shocked to hear, that some players were not aware of this, and got really frustrated after unnecessarily losing the whole expedition to a bunch of skeletons.)

Oct 12, 1:14PM EDT1

well, working on a good tutorial is our top priority :) So in that sense, yes, we do need to make these things clearer. We do still have surrender, and it will still typically be the safer option if done early on. (apart from quests, where there's no guarantees how an enemy/encounter will react to surrender) 

Oct 12, 1:54PM EDT0

In Thea 1, one of the main progression mechanics was technology, where you mainly got tech points by crafting things with more advanced materials. This was balanced by the fact that you could rarely get safe access to advanced materials without leaving your starting village.

In Thea 2, with the currently envisioned ability to pick where you want to settle your village, and potentially have multiple villages, it seems like it might be easier to make research progress if the rules are the same as in Thea 1. Are you planning any changes to how technology works, or how you get research points?

Oct 12, 12:39PM EDT0

The reserch and technology trees are being re-designed, yes. Although you will be able to build a village anywhere, we will have biomes that have varied difficulty levels, so itt may still be tricky to place your settlment near that mithril ore if you know there's dragons about. 

Still, you may just be lucky to find the perfect spot, so yes, we are working on the crafting mechanics to take that into account.

Oct 12, 12:44PM EDT1

Thank you! I like that the new biomes mechanic will have the opportunity to serve as a risk/reward mechanism to balance higher-value gathering opportunities, now that you aren't going to be as constrained in your village location.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other changes you end up making with for the Thea 2 crafting and research mechanics.

Oct 12, 1:01PM EDT0

With many different items potentially granting skills, how many do you expect a character to have on average ?

Oct 12, 12:38PM EDT0

I am afraid this one I do not know, too early to give an estimate. Sorry :(

Oct 12, 12:41PM EDT0

The demon one has in the demo cannot use equipment (besides a necklace), cutting it off from improving in this way. Will this be offset in any way, like getting more valuable level ups, upgrades through rites of passage, or something else entirely ?

Also, do you think it might be detrimental to gameplay, that a mostly non-equipable group (demons, beasts, werewolves ?) would effectively cut out a majority of crafting and related gathering ?

Oct 12, 12:27PM EDT1

As you saw from the demon, he was quite a bit stronger than the others, but yes, he is less adaptable, and in time, it may be an issue. this will not be the case for every demon, only those where the lore dictates it. It's hard to say at this stage if playing purely non-equipable characters will be optimal, we will certainly try to balance their skills to make it so. 

Oct 12, 12:31PM EDT0

Thea 1 made a very clear distinction between fight challenges and all other types, in that fights carried over damage to specific characters (and that stats scaled to wildly higher values). Will this change with the rework of the challenges ?

Oct 12, 12:14PM EDT1

All challenges will now have their own damage types  that carry over after the 'fight' ends. So for example, if a character has high spirit damage (name tbc) and they may decide they lost faith with you as the god and so they leave you. 

Oct 12, 12:17PM EDT1

That sounds awes

Oct 12, 12:56PM EDT0

In the demo, very small groups are fighting each other, compared to Thea 1. How will this scale up to larger groups, or are small groups a specific design choice ?

Oct 12, 12:03PM EDT1

To an extent they are. That is to say we wanted Thea 2 to have the flexibility of playing smaller groups, or maybe even one character (although that would likely be some mega iron man mode ;)) to avoid the 'more is better' scenario from Thea 1. That is not to say that number won't matter, just that we'd like Thea 2 to have greater balance in that respect. 

Oct 12, 12:07PM EDT1

You’ve mentioned planning for at least 3 player co-op in Thea 2. One of the challenges I’ve run into while playing the original Thea’s 2 player co-op is that because Thea was originally a single player game, its pacing involves wide variations in turn times, with a lot of intermittent tinkering with equipment and crafting, reading event text, and resolving complex card battles. This can leave one player having finished their turn in only a few seconds, while the other player spends as much as five minutes working out a particularly complex turn.

It works out okay if you’re in the same room as your partner, since you can just look over their shoulder, but it’s hard to play with people remotely when you can’t observe their screens, even if you have voice chat. I often find myself wishing I were playing single player, and it’s hard to stream or make videos of multiplayer for those reasons, since there’s a lot of time that there isn’t any action on the screen.

Are there any changes you’re planning to make in Thea 2 to help with these pacing challenges in multiplayer? For example, observer tools, like letting you switch to observing your allies’ gameplay after you hit end turn, is something I wished for a lot with the original Thea.

Oct 12, 12:02PM EDT1

Yes, it is something we're trying to adress, although given the type of game there will likely remain some element of slow pace with more players. For one, you will now be able to play challenges and do quests together (or at least see other players doing the quests), so that should help to keep players involved. But we are looking into other options as well. Thea 2 is designed as coop from the start, so it is hopefully going to be much smoother. 

Oct 12, 12:05PM EDT1

Thanks! Despite the pacing challenges I mentioned above, I'm hugely impressed that MultiPrayer was a thing. A game designed to be single player turn based, turned into simultaneous turn multiplayer after release, and having it work as well as it did, was incredibly impressive. Normally you only see that with a sequel.

With Thea 2, being able to participate in or at least see what other players are doing when they're in challenges or quest dialogs has the potential to be a huge improvement for multiplayer pacing and "watchability"!

Oct 12, 12:16PM EDT0

Will this awesome game be translated to some languages? russian for example :D

Oct 12, 11:57AM EDT0

We're looking into indie friendly options for that, so we'll have to see. We will make the tools for localization available from the start, so any fan made translations can be implemented. We did have languages as a later stretch goal on ks, but alas, it doesn't look likely now. 

Oct 12, 12:00PM EDT0

I love the inclusion of the event editor in Thea: the Awakening, but having to restart the game and setup new saves to test events always felt a bit clunky. Will the event editor in the Shattering have a more streamlined system to test events?

Oct 12, 11:30AM EDT0

That I cannot confirm, I would venture a yes, in that the whole event editor is improved, but since we're just entering into the production phase where it will be implemented into the game, I haven't had the chance to test that function at all yet. 

Oct 12, 11:40AM EDT1

What can we expect from the pet equipment slot? Will pets be characters in their own right, or will they be more like items? What kind of variety might we see in what pets are?

Oct 12, 11:21AM EDT1

Pets are actually in really early design, it's an idea we want to explore and we have ideas and design features, but we're not quite ready to reveal them. But, since in Thea 2 even items have their skills, pets would likely work in a similar way, they'd have their skills that you can then use in challenges. Less likely that they will be separate characters. 

Oct 12, 11:23AM EDT1

Will other races/creatures be more accessible in the early game of Thea 2, where in Thea 1 it felt like they only really showed up in the Mid to Late game.

Oct 12, 11:16AM EDT0

Yes, you will have the opportunity to even start with non-humans, although perhaps not from the first playthrough (you will have points to spend on various things at the start of a game, and those points will be acquired with each playthrough)

Oct 12, 11:17AM EDT1

That sounds awesome. 

Oct 12, 11:37AM EDT0

Is there a plan to release Thea 2 on Xbox like Thea: The Awakening?

Oct 12, 10:44AM EDT0

Not at the moment. The sales for consoles are not stellar, so we must way the benefit vs resources needed. also, Thea is a very complex game and we'd only give the porting to someone if we were sure they could do it well, so that poses another potential problem. 

For now, we can only confirm a PC release. 

Oct 12, 10:58AM EDT0

That's a shame, I always perfer console games.  I hope sales pick up. 

Oct 12, 12:18PM EDT0

Will there be any new classes in Thea 2? Any you'd like to share?

Oct 12, 10:43AM EDT0

Classes are still being designed, but yes, there will be new ones. We have a zerca, for the humans for example, who is a priest type (replaces sage, as that was a bit of a useless class ;P) 

Each race also has a defined set of classes specific to their customs, like a slugger (orc warrior) or runemaster for dwarves.

Oct 12, 10:56AM EDT0

How many playable gods/goddesses will there be?

Oct 12, 10:38AM EDT0

There will be nine gods/goddesses in the pantheon. At least to start with ;) 

Oct 12, 10:48AM EDT0

Zorya's visual design has changed since Thea 1. In 1 she had a very warrior appearance, in 2 she seems to have more of a mystic. What brought on the change?

Oct 12, 10:16AM EDT0

Well, in part, it is simply the vision of our artist. But more than that, a lot of our gods have undergone changes, for some this also means a physical change. Both Horz (who used to be called Horos) and Zorya have matured into their roles as masters of moon and stars and their image changed with it. Zorya in Thea 1 was also a dual goddess, she is now a trifold deity, so the addition of yet another personality has also shifted her character. 

Oct 12, 10:20AM EDT0

How much advertising and marketing did you do before you launched your crowdfunder?

Oct 12, 9:32AM EDT0

Mostly social media and our game forums. We hired a 'pr agency' to help with press release and the campaign, but that worked out very badly, as in, it had no effect. You got to watch out for those. 

Oct 12, 9:43AM EDT0

Can you give me 5 reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Oct 12, 7:42AM EDT0

Giving back to our loyal fans - our rewards are designed so that fans can get involved and get all sorts of Thea goodies. 

Marketing - you get the ball rolling on spreading the word and building the 'hype' ;) 

Extra features - although we did have a budget secured for the game, there are always extra features you want to add. 3D models are especially expensive and for our quirky creatures and world, it is nice to have custom ones.

Testing the waters I guess - so being able to see what interest the game generates. 

Getting money for things we did not have in the core budget, which is  pr/marketing costs. We'd like to hire someone to help with that for Thea 2. 

Oct 12, 8:11AM EDT0

Are you going to share the game in early access to improve and help the developement by players helping hands? Do we get a chance to give suggestions on the product/game?

Oct 12, 7:41AM EDT0

Yes, we plan to have early access in July 2018 and we will listen to feedback and make changes before a full release. 

Oct 12, 8:07AM EDT0

How many players can play the game together? Will there be a coop gamemode or something more competetive?

Oct 12, 7:39AM EDT0

It will be coop mode and for now it is likely to be 3 players. So you'll be able to choose your own gods each and do quests and even challenges together. 

Oct 12, 8:06AM EDT0

Is it a good idea to include a video in the crowdfunders and why?

Oct 12, 7:05AM EDT0

Yes. It is always recomended and I think it is as simple as: people like videos. It makes your campaign more visual and accessible. For games, a trailer is a must, to show gameplay and peek interest in the game's story etc. 

Oct 12, 7:22AM EDT0

When will the game be launched?

Oct 12, 6:52AM EDT0

We plan for early access in July 2018 and full release two/three months after, depending on the feedback and changes needed. So Q4 2018. 

Oct 12, 7:02AM EDT1

On which plattforms are you going to release Thea 2? And do you release it on these Plattform on the same time?


Oct 12, 5:01AM EDT0

We can only confirm PC DRM free Steam. We will likely do an unofficial MAC and Linux version too, as with Thea 1. As for other platforms, it has proven to bring us little sales while it takes a lot of resources to manage, so we will have to wait and see. 

Oct 12, 5:38AM EDT0

What kind of content updates are planned for Thea 2? Do you have an idea what kind of things you want to implement in the future which does not make it into the game right now (because lack of time maybe)?


Oct 12, 4:57AM EDT0

The game is only in pre-alpha so too early to say what updates as such. Our next phase of production will include implementing the event editor so that we can start testing events in game. We're also working on pathfinding, fog of war, UI for the crafting mechanics and story and quests. But yeah, it's all going according to plan, more or less, for now. 

Oct 12, 5:41AM EDT0

How does future updates like dlcs, content updates etc. will be deployed? Are you going to have something like a season pass? Do you break with your free-dlc politic in the past with thea 1?


Oct 12, 4:56AM EDT0

Our DLC's will remain free as with Thea 1. 

Oct 12, 5:42AM EDT0
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how would you explain the new settlement system in thea 2? You could only have one city/settlement in Thea 1 but, as you said, where will be the feature to build more settlements in Thea 2. Could you please explain in depth how this will work.


Oct 12, 4:54AM EDT1

As it is still wip, I cannot give out specifics, but the design is that you begin your game with no village at all. Your camps will have some basic crafting abilities, so you will be able to make food and simple equipment. You will then be able to choose a place for your settlement if you wish to have one and eventually also build more than one. By design, every additional settlement will be harder to maintain (specifics of this have not been implemented yet, so we'd rather not go into detail, but the likelihood of god points being used to create villages is high)

The idea is to make it possible to have more than one village, but not to build empires. This is still Thea, the world is dark and wants to kill you, so having too many will be dangerous ;)

Last edited @ Oct 12, 5:53AM EDT.
Oct 12, 5:46AM EDT1

What is the recommended age for this game?

Oct 12, 1:41AM EDT0

I would guess that much like Thea 1 , it will be for more mature players, but the rating we got was 12, so I'd say that would be the minimum. 

Oct 12, 5:48AM EDT0

Can you give me a brief synopsis of what the game is about?

Oct 11, 11:28PM EDT0

You take on a role of a deity in world stricken by disaster and ever assaulted by destruction. Your powers to influence the world are limited and only through your believers can you enact your will. Thus, you anoint your chosen and direct their fate according to your will. This chosen, be it one or many, will face other factions also looking to survive this harsh land, beasts and creatures simply seeking to kill them and natural dangers and disasters. There will be a quest that tells the story of the weakened gods and shattered earth, or you can simply dominate your way to victory.

The mechanics are turn-based strategy-survival, rpg, card game.

Oct 12, 5:52AM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Oct 11, 5:12PM EDT0

Ah, this one is hard. We based this one mostly on our existing and very loyal fanbase. So yes, I think try to build a following, make a catchy trailer if you can and have some gameplay footage for sure. People want to see your game and especially if it is your first one, you need to prove the quality I guess. Also, make sure you have a person dedicated to the ks for the duration, it is a lot more work than people realise. Make sure you highlight your unique selling point quite quickly too. But again, I feel odd giving this advice as we are crowdfunding a sequel to a good game, so it made it so much easier for us, because we can show proof of our competence. So maybe a demo too. 

Oct 11, 5:20PM EDT0

In regards to the lore in your game do you take creative licenses with it or is it purely unchanged based on Slavic folklore also is there a country in particular from which you get the lore? Also do you create your own lore to add to it and what are some of your sources of lore?

Last edited @ Oct 11, 3:29PM EDT.
Oct 11, 2:59PM EDT0

I take many creative liberties and since it is a dark fantasy world, the lore is a mix of post-tolkienesque high fantasy with my take on Slavic myth and folklore, rather than anything aiming at historical correctness. So, for example, a goddess like Dzievanna is a minor occurrence in Slavic myth, some say she isn't a goddess, some say she never existed and is a later addition based on Diana, but in Thea, she is very much a goddess and she is also a creature of the woodlands, an elf/dryad because it works with Thea's lore. I have many sources, Sapkowski, Tolkien, Philipiuk, Warhammer, Runequest, Warcraft are just some of my fantasy inspirations. There is a great series of Slavic bestiaries from Pawel Zych and Witold Vargas, there are many articles and books I read about Slavic myths and religion, and there is of course just the internet, and wiki (yes, not afraid to list wiki as my source ;) ) 

Last edited @ Oct 11, 5:20PM EDT.
Oct 11, 3:10PM EDT1

Who do you think will be your players favorite character?

Oct 11, 5:25AM EDT0

I couldn't possibly chose favourites, the thing about Thea is everyone has their own playstyle and with it come the favourites. I just hope everyone will find theirs. 

Oct 11, 5:53AM EDT0

You surpassed your goal on the crowdfunder, what are you going to do with the extra money you raised?

Oct 11, 3:58AM EDT0

We have two stretch goals set up, so whatever extra money we get will go towards those things, so more voice overs, more background art for the challanges, more 3D models, just adding content basically. 

Oct 11, 5:56AM EDT0

They have stretch goals. Anything that doesn't go into the stretch goals will go into production, it's rare that a game is made underbudget.

Oct 11, 2:53PM EDT0

How long has it taken you to make the sequel from start to finish?

Oct 11, 2:39AM EDT0

It will take approx 2 years if all goes according to shedule, which it is at the moment. 

Oct 11, 5:57AM EDT0

It's still in production, perhaps it'd be better to ask how long has it taken thus far and when do they think it will be finished by.

Oct 11, 2:54PM EDT0

Can we expect any optimizations when equiping new gear to our party?

I'm talking about comparing a newly found item to the equipped gear of multiple characters without many clicks. I've attached an image to make myself a little more clear.

Oct 10, 2:39PM EDT1

Yes, we will optimise the equipment management, but it is still very much wip. Here are a couple of screenshots of how we'e doing. 

Comparing equippment is already implemented, although witht the new skill system it is likely not ot be as simle as this object is better than that one. 

Oct 11, 6:01AM EDT1

Thea 1 had an amazing set of branching events. With numerous conditions for certain paths to appear. Made for great replayability and was one of the reasons I really loved Thea 1.  How will events/quests compare in Thea 2? Is there expected to be similar, more, or less event content in the base game?

I'm excited about the tools to create your own events, but am curious how much the base game will have.

Oct 10, 1:13PM EDT3

Hey, so pleased you liked the events in Thea 1 ;)  Well, in Thea 2 we plan to continue with the same type of branching narratives, but we will have nearly twice as many base quests (there were around 180 to start with for Thea 1 and we plan to try to get to 300 for Thea 2) 

Oct 10, 1:17PM EDT3

Awesome, thanks!

Oct 12, 11:09AM EDT0

thea 1 authorise you to try lots of combo in matérials to make pure weaponry. Problem was that at the end, [spoiler]the monstone[/spoiler] as 1st catalyst and second catalyst seemed to be way over all other matérials.

So i ended up farming that instead of anything else.

will there be some "surprises" in the crafting content that will lead to "eventualy an artefact" can be build that way?

it would permit people to try all kind of materials instead on focusing on last (overpowered) one.

As a result, how will you design crafting on Thea 2 ?

Oct 10, 1:06PM EDT3

Crafting mechanism in T2 is very similar to T1, but the result is a pool of essences that allow  you to get one of the skills avaliable for that specific weapon. Therfore, if in Thea 2 moonstone would be able to craft most damaging skill it is possible that for example, living wood would allow you to summon bears, mithril allows you to attack any character on the map and diamond allows you to attack with the similar power in any form of challenge (eg attack Magic)etc. (all of those examples are for the sake of the argument not specific implemented abilities!)We have one person assigned specifically to database and skills so we hope this time balance will be much better tuned.

Oct 11, 6:04AM EDT1

Was there a Thea 1? What was the response to it?

Oct 10, 12:28PM EDT0

There certainly was. It was Thea: The Awakening and we hed great reception for it. On Steam, we have 90% positive feedback and a wonderful fan base. http://store.steampowered.com/app/378720/Thea_The_Awakening/

Oct 10, 12:53PM EDT0
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How far are you into the game development? Will you meet the project deadline?

Oct 10, 10:32AM EDT0

We-re into the pre-alpha now. We've got our first playable demo, which was ahead of shedule and we're working towards implementing the events system by the end of the year. So yes, so far it looks like we're well within our schedule for a summer 2018 early access release. 

Oct 10, 10:40AM EDT0

To the second question I don't believe they'd give an expected delivery date that they don't believe they can make. So if it will take longer (which traditionally in game development will happen) I don't think it's close enough to that date to know.

Oct 11, 2:57PM EDT0
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