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Ansgar Steuer
Oct 12, 2017

My name is Ansgar and I´m looking for creative people from all over the world. I developed the free Internet platform Hollyboost.com, which I want to introduce to you.‘HOLLYBOOST’ is developed for screenwriters and idea providers to give them the possibility to integrate the creativity of the audience already during the creation process. Registrated production companies are able to pursuit these processes and to buy these ideas directly via ‘HOLLYBOOST’.The author is protected by the copyright but has the opportunity to test and modify his ideas. His scope for action will grow significant because he now can offer his ideas to producers all over the world.Furthermore the price fixing by the author generates price transparency and can be a guideline to other authors. ‘HOLLYBOOST’ also offers the possibility to present and develop book-, series-, and game ideas.Have a look at ‘HOLLYBOOST’ and convince yourself of this idea.https://hollyboost.com/We are just started and our data bases would like to be filled with Contents. I´m grateful for sharing and any kind of feedback. It would be a pleasure having YOUR ideas for games/books or films on hollyboost.com ..... EVERYBODY can be an idea provider. There are already many scripts online, that wait for interested  Thank you and Greets


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Who came up with the name of the website?

Oct 12, 7:15AM EDT0

Can you explain a little bit more how you anticipate it to work?

Oct 12, 7:12AM EDT0

How many people are working on this project?

Oct 12, 7:03AM EDT0

How many users do you currently have?

Oct 12, 6:49AM EDT0

What is your educational and professional background?

Oct 12, 1:38AM EDT0

Will the website be free to use or do you have to pay a fee?

Oct 11, 11:25PM EDT0

How many people do you have using your website as of today? 

Oct 11, 9:11PM EDT0

What SEO do you use?

Oct 11, 3:04PM EDT0

I looked at your website but it was in German, is it also available in English?

Oct 11, 3:01PM EDT0

How do you market your website?

Oct 11, 10:20AM EDT0

Do you have a crowdfunding campaign and if so, can you please share a link?

Oct 11, 9:58AM EDT0

Have you contacted any of the other AMA author or crowdfunding hosts to see if they want to join your project?

Oct 11, 9:58AM EDT0

If I post an idea, how is it protected?

Oct 11, 3:17AM EDT0

How are you monetizing the website, do you charge a connection fee or is it on commission basis?

Oct 11, 2:37AM EDT0

Have you already brought people together on projects?

Oct 11, 2:19AM EDT0

Do you have publishers on your books who are scouting for talent?

Oct 11, 2:14AM EDT0

Is this website useful for people all over the world?

Oct 10, 12:19PM EDT0

What's the inspiration behind this project?

Oct 10, 10:27AM EDT0
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