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Muhammad Zaki
Sep 28, 2017

Agricofarms, an agricultural company, is working on development of sustainability and encountering food related issues. In the previous writing I had already gave you an introduction of what we are doing and what we are planning to do. I had told u that the R&D team of Agricofarms had finalized 5 areas of innovation i. Sustainable agriculture ii. Sustainable farming (dairy), iii. Securing agricultural land iv. Encountering adulteration v.Protein farming (Ostrich, cattle and fish).

Agricofarms will work on all of these in order to have a better future and to give this world something in return, which are as follows,

Securing Agricultural Land

Arable land per person is shrinking. It decreased from 0.38 ha in 1970 to 0.23 ha in 2000, with a projected decline to 0.15 ha per person by 2050. This further continuous decrease in the arable land is due to many factors which are directly or indirectly associated with the human activity, which are as follows,

a. Climate Change:

According to the FAO, an estimated 12 million hectors of land is lost due to droughts and desertification each year.

The famines, droughts and desertification are due to climate change. The recent events like hurricanes, floods and droughts shows the adverse effects of our carbon footprint. The human activities since the beginning of industrial revolution have produced 40% increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This increase of amount is also due to other human activities like combustion of fossil fuels along with deforestation and animal agriculture (unsustainable farming).

Two-third of the warming has occurred since 1975, at a rate of roughly 0.15-0.20 degree Celsius per decade.

b. Urbanization and Increase in Population

Urbanization and increasing population is also a major cause of shrinking of agricultural land. Every day, an estimated increase in world’s population is two hundred thousand. Currently there are about 6bn around the globe and this number is still growing. According to the research by UN the world population is projected to reach about 9.8bn.

This increase in population and uneven distribution of infrastructure and facilities leads to a rapid urbanization. All this is due to fiscal policies and negligence of the authorities. The Rapid urbanization is engulfing the arable land and there is a series is a series of factors responsible for this. Farming requires hard labour; modern generation pursuing new carriers. Buyer offers attractive price for the fertile lands and the farmers prefer to sell. And the buyer eats the arable land by converting them in to concrete structures.

The colonization and housing schemes on such lands by construction companies is threatening food security in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 8th largest Agricultural country and has been contributing in global food security for decades. Saving agriculture here is actually a step to the Global Food Security.

c. Miogration to big Cities:

Agriculture, the oldest known occupation is no more man’s interest. The authorities who encourage farmers and farming are playing their role positively but what about those neglecting completely this sector which causes a major decrease in the agricultural lands in the world increasing food insecurity.

The migration from rural to the urban area is ever increasing due to many factors, like non availability of quality health services, educational institutions and basic infrastructure. Poverty also plays its role and farmers under the pressure of all these issues sell their farms lands and intend to move to urban areas which increase the population pressure in the cities. This migration is causing shrinking of agricultural lands.

d. Types of residential construction:

The construction companies which are purchasing farm lands from the farmers are converting them into massive concrete structures and depleting the arable land. The agriculture weakens day by day but the real estate business is boosting. This isn’t sustainability, as they continuously colonizing the agri-lands, depleting food resources. Above all the mode of construction is also unsustainable. These construction companies are discouraging the apartment style of living for the sake of more profits.

Apartments consumes less land and can accommodate more families on the same patch of land as compared to the solo house.


There is a lot more to talk on, now come to the solution.

When we were thinking on global food security issues and the potential solutions, we came to the point that the food insecurity has its roots to the shrinking of farm land, including all other factors. If you look at map the geographical importance of this region is clear.

This region (Pakistan and India), the southern asia, lies with the Himalayan fresh water reserves which would be the future source of fresh water because human activity is also depleting the freshwater reserves. Securing these lands is actually securing the FUTURE of the world.

AGRICOFARMS will play their role in securing Agricultural lands,

Our RnD team had chalked out the draft of this project. We will involve in this area of innovation because it is directly affecting the food security. We planned to deal with almost all of the above mentioned factors. We will try to solve approximately all the issues by educating farmers, purchasing lands only for agriculture purposes, making contracts and bounding farmers not to sell in return of benefits, encouraging apartment style of living (giving alternatives to the society), ensuring good returns to the farmers, ensuring agri-technology to our farmers etc. In this way we can secure lands which are depleting.

Agricofarms is far more concern with the global food security and is trying to play their role. So we added this to our areas of innovation (for ensuring food security) and will initiate working on the project of securing agricultural lands in near future. As we had already mentioned that we have FIVE areas of innovation and currently our team is initiating sustainable dairy project and encountering issues related to adulteration.

We will talk in detail on each of the solution in coming blog post, so stay tuned with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest.


Muhammad Zaki says:

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