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Nov 8, 2017

We are on our third crowdfunding campaign, this time with less than a week left: a concentration game which recalls the architecture and countries of the 1992 Universal Exposition through color and design.

EXPO: Architecture Memory Game on Kickstarter

We think the International Exposition of Seville’92 is a great excuse to either discover or remind us of this particular moment in recent architecture and urbanism, to test our knowledge of geography and, above all, to train our brains using color and design as a memory mechanism. In the end, EXPO reunites all of this in an enjoyable format through 50 carefully designed illustrations.

Our promotional video on Vimeo

The game tries to portray the global nature of a celebration where 112 countries took part, and which was visited by 15,5 million people from all over the world. A historical event that culminated in the October 12th 500-year commemoration of Christopher Columbus’ arrival to America.

We wanted to take the 25th anniversary of Expo’92 as an opportunity to once again expose our city to the world and to learn more about it ourselves (we were three little toddlers in 1992!), so we started thoroughly researching every pavilion and country which took part in the event.

After some initial tests to define the graphic code and the range of color tones, type and format, we proceeded to redraw each pavilion’s most characteristic features in overlapping color planes. Unlike the coloured buildings displayed over a white background, we found interesting to conceive the countries inversely with their silhouette envisaged as a white void of the design.

Rewards include different game sets —each one being made of 50 Crescendo white cardboard paper cards— and our own take at the Expo'92 visitor's map.

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